Wyoh Part 3: Love, Connection and BDSM
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Adulting Consent #5

NB: Since recording this interview on Jan 7, some disturbing (albeit predictable) revelations came to light about Marilyn Manson, to which he/they replied in a statement - 'the relationships were consensual'. The tacit implication here is that the people who have come forward were somehow complicit in the abuse they received - because they capitulated to his coercion, threats and mind games. The intention? To paint it as garden variety BDSM practice. I cannot say how proud and relieved I am, that this conversation about what BDSM actually looks like, is seeing the light of day now. Your feedback, as always is encouraged and welcomed. 


During the course of this conversation we have shared individual experiences with intimacy and relationships, being descriptive and honest but also philosophical - discussing everything from sexual boredom in long term relationships to experiencing sex as a transcendent, spiritual experience (which we both had in common!). Oddly, the Bible also gets a brief mention.

Importantly though, we dug deeper into the emotional rewards Wyoh experiences from being a sub – and then we rounded it all out both expressing just how strongly our artistic creativity chimes in with our mutual intrigue, fascination, and celebration of our sexuality.

For Wyoh (and me) sex is truly it's own artform. And art is brain sex.

If that sentiment hits the spot for you too, you'll love this episode. 

*See show notes for part one for book references and links.

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