Midday in the Terrarium of Good and Not Quite As Good
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Time for a Soapbox Rant 

Well. Guess who's got her knickers in a knot? (points to self)...THIS GUY!

There's no denying that 2020 was a shit show, and no one needs me to tell them that. We're all still angry, disillusioned, scared and confused by it all.

And now 2020 is over.

So, what did we learn? What did we teach? How did we behave?

For my first podcast of the new year I felt in need to vent. Sure, a lot of things happened, globally, that were out of our collective control. But what about the shit bits that we did have control over? Like, the way we reacted to the information we were being fed? How we conduct ourselves on social media - specifically Facebook? Why do we even still trust FB? This week I share some observations about my own tiny corner of the world, over this past year – and I'm fairly certain my online experiences were common. The U.S. election might be over, but the stench of all the bullshit is still polluting the air. Lest we forget!

Music: “Big Mouth” (2020) by Beugs (with permission of the artist.)

Links for the information sources mentioned in the podcast:

Sexplanations (the sex positive, fun, encyclopaedic version of sex ed we DESERVE)

Your Diagnonsense (The thinking person's shrink)

Some More News (Well-researched, meticulously-written bullshit dissection).

Behind the Bastards (calling out miscreants and charlatans throughout history)

Jameela Jamil (fuck the patriarchy)

Janaya The Future Khan (black lives matter)

Matthew Bernstein LGBTQIA Angel 

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