THE EASY AGING SHOW | Aging Gracefully, Life Hacks, Midlife Identity, Life Transitions, Empty Nester, Retirement
Michelle Zavala | Midlife Coach, Life Transition Specialist, Easy Aging Expert
Midlife Clarity * Identity * Mindset * Life Hacks * Creativity Are you struggling to find your purpose now that you’re an empty nester?... Do mid-career decisions have you doubting yourself?... Are you nervous about what life will look like once you retire as you go from 40-60 hours a week to zero?... Do you have a gnawing feeling that there’s more to life but you don’t know exactly what’s missing or how you can get it? Hi, I’m Michelle Zavala, the Easy Aging™ Expert who specializes in helping energetic, forward-focused Midlifers answer the big “What Now?” question for the second half of life. My mission is to inspire you to rediscover your identity, find your joy, and live out your purpose with gusto & enthusiasm. With this, you can be at peace with the direction of your life and the legacy you’ll be leaving. I remember feeling lost and directionless after my mother passed away in 2016. Caring for her took so much of my focus and energy, especially during the last few months of her life. So when she died, it felt like my purpose in life had died. When I resurfaced from my grieving, I started searching for the answer to the big “What Now?” question that was hanging over me. While I had a business for more than 20 years, I knew it was time to let it go and discover a new dream, a new purpose. All I wanted was to be passionate again. I wanted to go in a new direction... A direction that would refresh me and fulfill me and make my second half of life fun and exciting. So I set out to reinvent myself. I thought that with 25+ years of experience in personal development and a coaching certification, it wouldn’t be that hard… But I was wrong. When I started, it felt like it was one step forward, two steps back. I kept at it because I knew good things were in store for me. I knew that the tools and strategies worked, I just had to figure out what would work BEST to help me live a peaceful and vibrant life in my second half. This effort led me to create my three-part proprietary process called The ACE Approach, which stands for awareness, clarity and ease. I felt called to formalize this process because I believe that as a Midlifer, you’re poised to achieve new levels of success that may not have occurred to you yet. Now, come closer. I’m going to let you in on a little secret that no one tells you… At this age, you’re coming from a place of MORE: more life experience, more wisdom, more perspective than ever before. You’re not some naive 22-year-old flailing around, trying to figure things out. You’ve proven over and over again that you’re strong and resilient. This place of MORE is what Easy Aging™ is about. Easy Aging™ is a mindset, an attitude that includes going after your dreams without apology and reveling in the juicy moments of life that make your heart sing. It means fully understanding that your brain is your best anti-aging tool and that midlife changes don’t have to be hard. Easy Aging™ is focused on taking a lighthearted approach that makes the most of your sense of humor while applying fun-sized actions to create permanent change in your life. In this podcast, you’ll hear stories that make you think, learn simple life hacks that make it easy to take action, hear interviews with experts that will keep you feeling youthful, and discover life strategies that will help you believe in yourself again. Remember, dear Midlifer, this is YOUR time. You can make the second half of your life the best half — starting today. So grab a cup of joe or a glass of The Red (my favorite!) and hit “play.” This is going to be a fun ride! Free -> More Info -> Community -> Connect ->
THE EASY AGING SHOW | Aging Gracefully, Life Hacks, Midlife Identity, Life Transitions, Empty Nester, Retirement
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