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Learn how to save money to do what you love (Part 1) with Manish Chauhan
Dec 8, 2019 · 49 min
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Personal Finance Coach & Founder of India’s leading personal finance blog Jogo Investor, Manish Chauhan talks about factors that causes us to spend more, financial concepts every layman must be aware of and common misconceptions about money. List of all the resources mentioned in the episode can be found at .

Important questions from the episode -

  * Why did you start Jago Investor ( 02:48)
  * 2 biggest challenges in last 10 years in building Jago Investor ( 05:43)
  * What has been your 3 biggest learning as a personal finance coach? ( 06:54)
  * Have you come across people who wanted to quit their job and be freelancers or be on their own? What do you think holds them back? Is it just money or something more? ( 10:47)
  * What kind of habits makes people spend more and save less? ( 15:11)
  * Does e-wallets increase our propensity to spend ( 21:49)?
  * How can personal finance help? And how does it not help? ( 26:11)
  * Can you share 3 to 4 financial…
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