EPISODE 89 : Catfishing and Business
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"There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception." - Aldous Huxley

Catfishing, the term given to luring someone into a relationship based on a fictional persona. Whilst the term is relatively new in the scheme of things, the art of catfishing in business has been around for many decades. But with the rise of consumer choice through channels such as Social Media platforms, we are being bombarded with lures of all kinds, promises if you will, of outcomes that may or may not be entirely accurate.  But how to tell the truth, or do we not want to know if the lure is desirable enough?

For some time now I've been convinced that my experience was enough in this game of being in business.  But I'm learning very quickly that if you fall short of being a marketing expert or hiring a marketing expert, you will find a real battle on your hands for space.  The real shortfall though, is there are so many "experts" that are making claims that can't be substantiated by real world experience, and the reputations of industries are getting hit hard as a result.

Do you or are you being catfished in business? And more importantly, how can you tell?

In this episode, I explore this notion whilst examining whether it's impact by perception.  Whilst I speak to my knowledge in the coaching space, catfishing and business isn't reserved for just the coaching space and there are so many examples of this in every industry.

Join me as I explore this notion and discuss this concept in business and whether it's just part of being in business, or whether there is something we can do about it as a consumer. Take a listen. A x


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