The Butler's Lament
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Jimmy Horrors and the Listener find the Butler's bones and fight for their very survival with the residents of the mansion.   You’ve been listening to the Night’s End podcast which is a production of Dissonance Media.   The Butler’s Lament was written by James Barnett. For more from James, head to to check out more of his work.   Malech Sweeney and narration was performed by Xander from the Xander and Stone podcast. A Science and Supernatural podcast where they talk about all things weird. Just search for Xander & Stone wherever you get your podcast or head over to or follow his personal Instagram account: Xander Zweig   Samuel Linklater was performed by Mike Rickard from the Stories of Strangeness podcast, where Mike and Zoe discuss all things on the topics of paranormal, folklore, cryptids, hauntings and more. To check it out head over to or wherever you listen to your podcasts.   Anna Mortaine was performed by Rebecca Struzyna, who is the host of her show, The West London Witch. Listen here or connect on Insta: @the_west_london_witch.   Lee Mortaine was performed by Falconetti.   Allan Mortaine was performed by David Martinez.   Jimmy Horrors & The Stranger was performed by James Barnett.   Belle Mortaine was performed by Alexis Whiteside. Head over to her personal linktree to connect with her at   Lovey was performed by Marianne Coleman, who is the host of Walking the Shadowlands. which is a podcast about all things paranormal, unknown, unexplained, and all things that go bump in the night. It may just haunt your dreams and sometimes your waking hours. Head to or search for it wherever you find your podcasts.   Madeline was performed by Maggie from the Ladies Fright podcast. Listen here or connect on Insta: @ladiesfrightpodcast.   Agnes Sweeney was performed by Victoria Irwin. For more from Victoria, search for Texas: Slang for Crazy wherever you get your podcasts. She also has a book out by the same name. BOOK   Armitage was performed by Brandon Marsh from The ParaUnity Podcast. From ghosts to cryptids to UFOlogy; they discuss them all. Just search ParaUnity podcast wherever you get your podcasts or head to   This episode was edited and produced by James Barnett.   If you aren’t already aware, Night’s End has released a horror-themed apparel line called, Stay Horrific. There are horror-themed t-shirts, mugs, dresses, socks, all the good stuff. Go and check it out now.   Support the Night’s end on Patreon to receive bonus content and merch: Or support us by purchasing directly from our shop: Donations:   See you really soon.   And as always, stay horrific everyone.
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