That Witch Life
That Witch Life
Jan 25, 2021
Episode 69: Magick In Art With Amy Cesari
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We are thankful for our generous sponsors! Please see below for listener specials! It's called WitchCRAFT for a reason! Amy Cesari joins us to discuss how to use art or creativity in Magick. We explore the role of simplicity in Magick, and how emotion and divinity can be expressed through art. Plus, Magick the Wolf Moon, the reviewer who JUST DOESN'T CARE and the drama of a sock (and maybe a shovel....). A listener is looking for a Witch store. Also, can they buy Tarot cards off of Amazon?

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Tarot Bytes
Tarot Bytes
Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady
How to read for someone who is panicked, frantic, or in a bad frame of mind
Episode 202. If you’ve been reading for a while, you’re going to encounter someone who is freaking out at some point. This can be challenging, especially for a new tarot reader. I’ve got a few tips for you - but I also want to share a few thoughts for folks who want a tarot reading and are in a state of panic. Let’s start with that. If you’re having a meltdown or are experiencing extreme anxiety, this is not the time for a tarot reading. Here’s why: you’ll have a hard time remaining grounded - and that may make it hard to receive an accurate reading. From my own experience, I can say when I’m tripping out about a situation, I struggle to remain objective. I’ll tend to hear what I want to hear - or hear what I fear the most. I can assure you that even if I get a great reading that says “everything will work out,” that tends only to hold me for a minute when I’m in a bad state of mind about a situation. If you feel frantic, I recommend prioritizing working with a therapist, healer, or health care practitioner. Extreme self-care needs to come first. A tarot reading can be part of your self-care, but it shouldn’t be the first thing you turn to, nor should a tarot reader ever take on the role of a licensed health care professional. Now, if you’re a tarot reader and someone comes to you in a state of distraught, here are a few thoughts on that. Your job is to deliver a kind, helpful tarot reading. That means you must remain calm, centered, and objective - even if the person sitting at your tarot table isn’t. I will recommend that you have self-care practices that you do every day because that will help you remain grounded. For example, meditation is excellent for finding your calm. Physical activity such as yoga or a brisk walk before you begin work can also get you in the right mood for working with clients. Tarot readers need to practice great self-care to care for their clients without getting their own lives impacted by the work. A soothing backdrop is essential for both client and reader. I always have gentle music playing in the background. Your working space should be clean and peaceful, whether you see people in-person or do your work over the phone. A tranquil atmosphere can make all the difference for both parties. Ideally, you’ll have good boundaries in place so your clients can’t just show up at your door and demand an emergency reading. However, even with strict boundaries, there will still be times when your client has a rough situation creating anxiety. They may want to see you immediately. I’ll let you determine how you feel about that. But I will say this: if you are going to offer on-demand services without any boundaries, you risk burning out. And a burnt out reader isn’t able to help anyone for long. When you’re working with anyone, you’ll want to establish control of the experience. This is especially important when you’re working with people who are freaking out. Begin by doing something that helps the client take a moment to center themselves before you touch the tarot. I like reading an oracle card first. The one I use is the Power Deck by Lynn Andrews. Each card has a different spiritual meaning written on the back, and taking that minute to read the card will set the tone for the reading. Sometimes clients wonder why I begin with that oracle card. This is the reason why. It creates a sacred moment, so we’re both in a good place before starting to work with the cards. You may have a different process to set the tone for the reading. Perhaps you pour a client a cup of tea if you see them in-person. Or maybe you take a moment for a little light meditation or prayer. An invocation over the cards could also help bring the room's energy into a still, chill place. Next, you’ll want to practice slow, deep belly breathing. People will link their breathing to someone else’s. If you focus on deep breathing, often the client will tune in and slow their own breathing down too. This will pull them into a centered place and may take the edge off. Another breathing technique I use is “color breathing,” where I breathe slowly but visualize inhaling a radiant white light and breathing out a cobalt blue ray. I envision that cobalt blue surrounding the client and calming their aura. This is another way to cool the energy and soothe the client. Next, it’s time to listen. Give the client space to tell you what’s going on - and why they want a reading at this time. What is their goal? What are their expectations on how this reading will serve them? Sometimes allowing them to flesh out what’s going on and what they need will help take the energy down a notch. This reflection will also give you and them input on how to proceed. Once you’ve established a relaxed mood, begin your work. It would help if you remained calm at all times. Sometimes a person who is feeling anxious needs a person to talk to. If that is the case, again, let them have the floor. In fact, I find that this is a good practice in general when people are approaching tarot in a panicky way. Talking it out will help process feelings, plus it can lend well to finding good, helpful questions. I would recommend that you refrain from “will I” questions. These are disempowering and do not serve to help the client. Instead, you’ll want to reframe questions with the “what do I need to know about” or “how can I” so the client is in the driver’s seat of their situation. Often, panic sets in when we don’t feel in control. You always want to help the client find ways to take their power back. Never take the person’s pain lightly. Even if you think they are dramatic, do NOT judge or dismiss them. That is not only disrespectful but also unhelpful. It leads to shame, and the client might approach the reading with timidity instead of being open to the help the cards may have to offer. Think about it: if your reader just diminished your concerns, how open will you feel discussing anything with them? A reader should never pooh-pooh what the client is feeling. Never end the reading on a hopeless note. Help the querent find the hope and power in their situation. That needs to be your goal. I also recommend keeping a list of referrals such as therapists, hotlines, free text services for mental health, and, in some cases, local social services to help the client get the proper assistance. Again, your tarot work should never take the place of a licensed mental health expert or doctor. Once the reading is over, you’ll need to practice good spiritual hygiene. That may mean taking a walk, meditating, or something simple such as washing your hands, a practice my friend Brianna Saussy recommends. I’d also recommend that you encourage the client to put space between each reading. Sometimes a person who is stressed may want multiple readings on the same subject. This rarely does any good. It’s like picking at a wound. Time is needed to gain perspective. You don’t want to encourage dependence because that’s never good for the client or the reader. If they insist, I always refer to a health care practitioner or mental health expert. This is to protect the client, which is ultimately the goal. These are a few of my tips. I hope this helps you, whether you’re the client or the tarot reader.
11 min
The Witch Wave
The Witch Wave
Pam Grossman
#66 - Brujas of Brooklyn, Bewitching Twins
The Brujas of Brooklyn are Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon and Miguelina Rodriguez. They are identical twin PhDs who are professors of the Social Sciences within the City College of New York (CUNY). These brujas merge the magic of ancestral medicine with sharp intellect, combining the physical, the mental, and the spiritual to help people become more fully integrated beings. Their platform provides the balm to help folks heal from internalized oppression, particularly women. As certified kundalini and hatha yogis, these Black Dominican sisters design multi-sensory workshops that provide sacred space for women of color to heal from womb imbalances. They’ve both authored academic pieces on the effects of racialized oppression on communities of color, Dominicans in particular. And their work has granted them has been featured in such places as Univision, Google, Buzz Feed’s Pero Like, and Facebook to name a few. And they say that “Joy is their ultimate form of resistance.” On this episode, the Brujas of Brooklyn discuss their modern spin on brujeria, the importance of feminine bodily healing, and why the spiritual and political are intertwined. Pam also discusses the misogynist history of the witch hunts, and answers a listener question about magic and pregnancy. Our sponsors for this episode are The Flower Essences Deck, Witchy Washy Bath, The Spiral Bookcase, BetterHelp, and the Magic Monday podcast.
1 hr 10 min
Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast
Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast
Ashley Leavy
A Crystal Grid Recipe for Wellness
Crystal grids are an amazing and effective way to work with crystal energy. Plus, they’re absolutely stunning to look at! You can use grids to create positive energy flows, for protection and to enhance your manifestation practice. You can even create a crystal grid for wellness and health, which is what you’ll learn to create in today’s blog and podcast! This grid recipe for wellness is from my book, Crystals for Energy Healing, and can be used to energetically support your health and wellness. Creating Your Crystal Grid for Wellness Begin by gathering your supplies and making sure that all of your crystals have been cleansed.  Create an intention statement for your grid such as, “My physical body is healthy and well.”  Your intention may be general if you’d just like to focus on overall physical health. You may also get as specific as you like to your idea of wellness when crafting your intention statement. Your Crystal Grid for Wellness Supplies: One Emerald stone (or a green stone connected with wellness like Green Aventurine, Nephrite Jade, or Bloodstone). Four Ruby stones (or any combination of red stones connected with vitality like Carnelian, Red Jasper, or Red Aventurine). Four Red Pyrope Garnet stones (or any combination of grounding stones like Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, or Petrified Wood). Eight Clear Quartz crystal points (or tumbled stones will do in a pinch). One small, square, piece of red paper or cloth (for vitality and energizing) - optional. One small, square, piece of green paper or cloth (for general wellness and healing) - optional. Build Your Crystal Grid for Wellness Place your red paper or cloth (if you’re using one) in the area where you will set up your grid.  Place your green cloth (if you’re using one) on top of the red cloth, but turn it so that only the four corners of the red cloth show beneath the green square. Set the Emerald crystal (or a green stone if you’re making a substitution) in the center of the grid. This represents physical healing and wellness. Be sure to state your intention, aloud or to yourself, when placing this stone. Doing this will anchor your intention into the grid.  Next, place the four Ruby crystals (for vitality), on top of the corners of the red cloth. Do this in a square shape, around your central stone.  Then, place the four Red Pyrope Garnet crystals in a square shape between the Ruby stones (one in each corner of the green cloth). This represents grounding and stability. Finally, place the eight clear Quartz crystal points, one between the Emerald stone and each of the eight red stones, with the points facing in toward the Emerald. These will act to amplify your intention. Activating Your Crystal Grid After all of your crystals have been placed, you’ll need to activate your crystal grid.  Activation is the process of connecting the energy of the stones within your grid and unifying them to work together toward a common purpose.  This process enhances the energy of the stones so that the energy of the grid becomes greater than the sum of its individual crystal parts. For step by step instructions on how to activate your grid, check out my article How to Create and Use a Crystal Grid Step-by-Step here.   Leave this grid in place for as long as you feel you need the healing energy, but be sure to update your intention statement as needed if your health situation changes.   Want to grow your knowledge & become a CONFIDENT Certified Crystal Healer? Find out more about my CCH and Advanced Crystal Practitioner Programs HERE! Enrollment opens soon...   /*
20 min
Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends
Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends
Natalie Ross
Herbalist Geraldine Lavin on Cultivating Deep Connection with the Earth, and Being a Responsible Land Steward [episode 41]
Geraldine Lavin shares how she is empowering people to make their own high-quality medicine. You’ll also hear about * What is Spiritual Ecology and Bioregional Herbalism * Engaging with the senses and inviting play into your garden * On being a responsible herbalist and land steward * Co-creating biodiversity on old farmland ♥♥♥ Join The Earth Speak Collective Membership! Join like-hearted folks in a sacred container and community where you'll: * Connect deeply to yourself, others, nature & spirit * Learn to trust your intuition * Activate your Earth magic * Expand your healing & divination skills * Put your intuition into practice in everyday life * Stop feeling lonely on your spiritual path * Embody & express your creative power & truths * Experience safe space without agenda or judgment When you join the Collective, you get access to all of our past workshops, any live workshops happening while you're a member, live weekly energetic reset calls, monthly community rituals, all the secret episodes, member-run meetups to explore magical topics, and a lively members-only forum (that's not on FB!). ▶▶▶ Learn more and sign up for the Collective membership here: ***** Geraldine is a clinically trained herbalist, gardener, and botanical dyer. The thread that weaves her work together is the concept of bioregionalism. Geraldine has been studying herbalism for over a decade. She has taught classes on herbal medicine making and theory at Yale University, Bard College, conferences, retreats, food coops, lifestyle stores, many farms, even a music festival. After every class, she receives feedback that her style is organized, thorough, and students feel like they have expanded their understanding of the subject matter. Geraldine believes that each class is an opportunity to empower her students and demystify the world of plant and mushroom medicine. We are excited to share that Geraldine will be teaching a workshop with Earth Speak this March, on Tending the Earth: A Sensual Gardening Workshop. In this workshop you will learn about tending to a garden as an act of reciprocity, daily rituals for earth tending and working with the cycles of the land, the moon, and nature. We will go through the basic building blocks of gardening, and go into different techniques and tips you can implement to help your plants thrive effortlessly. In this episode, we talk about: * Growing up spending summers in Ireland * Ditch spirits and the story of the Banshee * On stewarding a farm and studying the lineage of the land * Putting Spiritual Ecology into practice in the everyday life * How Geraldine has been connecting with the medicine of Angelica * Cultivating a diverse landscape and garden * Why observing the language of the land can save you time and energy * How Geraldine was making medicine from a young age * On creating a daily ritual of Earth connection and Earth-honoring * Inviting the wild beauty of nature into your garden, with thoughtful planning * Geraldine shares the story of how she came to work with the plants * Receiving the lessons from each garden you co-create * How growing just a few plants can change everything * Geraldine shares the qualities that she looks for when planting a garden * The challenges of disconnection that Geraldine faced during COVID * Experiencing your intuition as trust and presence * On cultivating a practice of letting go * On reconnecting with your purpose * Geraldine shares a grounding mantra * How Geraldine is empowering people to make their own high-quality medicine * On being open and vulnerable * What is Spiritual Ecology and Bioregional Herbalism * Geraldine shares about her online gardening and herbal medicine classes * How we are conditioned to achieve and do it all * Engaging the senses and inviting play into your garden * Geraldine shares a little of what she will be teaching in the * Tending the Earth workshop * Why anyone can create a garden, even in the city * On being a responsible herbalist and land steward * And so much more! Bonus Secret Episode! Get the secret episode with Geraldine Lavin on sacred adornment and plant-dyed garments, at Links: * Join the Earth Speak Collective Membership at * Learn more about Geraldine's herbal and garden offerings at * Learn more about Geraldine’s textiles at * Connect with SunTrap on Instagram @suntrapbotanical // * Connect with SunBlood on Instagram @sunbl00d // * Connect with Geraldine on Facebook @suntrapapothecary Take the tour of SunTrap Farm on YouTube * Get the secret episodes at References: * UCD Dublin * Banshee * Gulch * Braiding Sweet Grass by Robin Wall Kimmerer * Spiritual Ecology * Honeysuckle * Buckthorn * Wild Rose * Ethnobotany * Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine * Field Apothecary * Cornwell University * One-Straw Revolution * Fruition Seeds * Mugwort * Angelica archangelica * Angelica atropurpurea * Mathew Wood * Geraldine’s list of ‘Bulk Herbs from Small Farms’ * Astringent * Geraldines online classes ► Leave us a written review on iTunes, and get shouted out on the show! Theme music is “It’s Easier” by Scarlet Crow and “Meeting Again” by Emily Sprague ► Join the Earth Speak Collective Membership at Follow Earth Speak on Instagram and tag us when you share @earthspeak
1 hr 5 min
Between the Worlds Podcast
Between the Worlds Podcast
Amanda Yates Garcia, Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs
BTW 37: The Devil You DON'T Know with guest Michael Ursell
Rebel, demon, adversary, bringer of light, the Devil appears in all these guises and more. The Devil card often points to our fatal flaw, the wound that is standing in our way, preventing us from getting the thing we really want. One especially delicious tool we can use to help deepen our knowledge of the Devil card is literature. Today we’re discussing the meaning of our favorite foe with Milton scholar Michael Ursell. We discuss the infamous book, "Paradise Lost," and what it teaches us about love and resistance. In the episode you’ll find out why the Devil figure really is scary, but not for the reasons you might think. Tune in! ******************************** Find out more about our special guest Michael Ursell Check out his Twitter feed: @ursellmichael ********************************* UPCOMING WORKSHOPS SIGIL MAGICK & Tarot Studio are both Between the Worlds workshops and are included in your Jupiter level subscriber membership. To sign up for Sigil Magick, visit: FULL MOON IN VIRGO CEREMONY on 2/26/21 at 6pm PST is a workshop via Amanda's solo project The Oracle of Los Angeles (it is not a Between the Worlds Workshop). This ceremony is by donation. 10% of the proceeds go to Texan's affected by the recent storms. You can register for the workshop via this link. ********************************** Learn More About Your Host Amanda Yates Garcia, & Buy Her Book To sign up for Amanda's newsletter, CLICK HERE. To order Amanda's book, "Initiated: Memoir of a Witch" CLICK HERE. Amanda's Instagram Amanda's Facebook To book an appointment with Amanda go to ********************************** Original MUSIC by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs "Falling" is by Bouquet. Check out Mind Your Practice - Carolyn's new podcast with arts consultant and author of _Make Your Art No Matter What_, Beth Pickens. Mind Your Practice is geared towards artists and writers looking for strategies and support to build their projects and practices (plus loving pep talks). There’s even a club - “Homework Club” - which offers creative people a framework for keeping their projects and practices a priority with *actual homework* and optional accountability groups made up of other artists and writers! You can visit for more details or listen wherever you stream Between the Worlds. ********************************** Get in touch with sponsorship inquiries for Between the Worlds at ** CONTRIBUTORS: Amanda Yates Garcia (host) & Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs (producer). The BTW logo collage was created by Maria Minnis ( / ) with text designed by Leah Hayes.
1 hr 21 min
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