Returning to Schools, Covid and Your Voice, and Med Students Performing Speech
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Michelle’s trip to Kansas was side-lined as she faces quarantine.  Michael has been working with students and their families to ensure language skills continue to generalize and he found a way to end up on the Golf Course.  Matt continues to work home health care and has found a new love for some clear liquors while he has been tested every 2 weeks for COVID.         


On today’s show, we discuss Houston medical students being asked to be SLPs, the tell tale signs in your voice of COVID, and the return to schools for SLPS.  This week’s Informed SLP Dr. Meredith Poore Harold stops by to talk about why we shouldn’t buy into the Headlines.  We also look at our SSPOD Shoutouts and Due Process. 


The Discord is up and ready for people to interact with the crew 24/7 with a new website,


SSPOD Shoutout: Do you know an SLP who deserves a digital fist bump or shout out?  We want to know your #SSPODSHOUTOUT, which is recognition for someone doing something awesome somewhere.  Tera Sumpter submitted a Shoutout to Tina Moreno the co-founder of Camp Alec. 


SSPOD Due Process:  Do you have a complaint or need to vent, then you want to participate in the #SSPODDUEPROCESS.  This week’s due process was submitted anonymously:  How do we balance returning to schools and the safety of everyone involved?


Topic #1:    Families in several states are suing to have their students IEP minutes met during the change in schooling.  Tied into the Due Process for this week, how do we balance the needs of our students and also the safety of the caregivers? 


Topic #2:  A recent article highlighted Med-Students performing SLP services, what should have happened?   


Topic #3: COVID may change your voice and may be detectable




The Informed SLP: Dr. Meredith Poore Harold stops by and talks with Matt about the importance of diving deep into the articles and not falling for just the headlines. 




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