06. What Will My Friends Think? Does A Clean House Really Matter? Invite Them Anyway! It‘s Good For You
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Hey You!

I know you've struggled with having people over, especially during covid! But Mama, that connection is so important! I don't know many moms that can invite a person into their home unplanned, and not apologize for something. The dirt, the clutter, the food or lack of.... I know I feel it every single time an adult comes in my house! I want to crawl under a rock when a mom comes over to pickup her kid that doesn't want to leave my house. But you know what else, I NEVER notice those things when I'm visiting someone! I am just noticing if I feel welcomed or not. How about you? 

I just love those people that invite me in, even when things are messy, and we can just be together for a moment and connect without caring about our surroundings. I love them! They fuel me! I want to be more like that! When I come in a space, I am looking for how it feels, how inviting it is, and what about it is stressing the people that live there. Not how much is on the floor, not how dirty the windows are, just how it feels. Does love live here? I want to surround myself with those people that feel like love. Those people that want to be a friend! I don't care that the trash is overflowing, and dishes are piled in the sink. After all this isolation during covid, I just want to connect! I want to be the friend you can call when you are unable to get off the couch, and you just need someone to come love on you and maybe wash your dishes for you while you sit on the couch and relax. Can you be that kind of friend to someone this week? We should all try to be that kind of friend! We need It!

If you are just too overwhelmed to be that friend, reach out! I would be so honored to help you get to a place where you can feel confident inviting people to inside your home and your heart. We were created for connection! 




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