Siim Land Podcast
Siim Land Podcast
Feb 25, 2021
#229 Becoming Antifragile During Times of Chaos - Siim Land on Filip Van Houte's Podcast
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This is a replay of Siim Land on Filip Van Houte's podcast Human Rants. 


  • 00:55 Comments on World Events
  • 07:30 How Legislative Organizations Make Decisions
  • 11:00 How to Recognize Bad Advice
  • 15:30 Getting Stuck in Tribal Politics
  • 19:07 How to Not Get Addicted to Social Media
  • 24:34 How to Allow Spontaneity
  • 27:50 Future of Technology and Humans
  • 31:46 Technology Regulating Human Behavior
  • 37:37 Antifragility and Civilization
  • 45:25 Best Supplements People Need
  • 52:00 Aging and Chronic Diseases

And much more

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