Exploring Parkinson’s Disease with Parkinson’s Foundation Development Manager Dawn Lewis
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Senior Soup Podcast hosts Raquel Micit and Ryan Miner welcome Dawn Lewis, the development manager in the Mid-Atlantic for the Parkinson's Foundation, as their special guest. 

This is Episode 12 of The Senior Soup Podcast

Dawn has been with the Parkinson's Foundation for three and a half years, transitioning from working with the Alzheimer's Association. 

This podcast explores the causes and early signs of Parkinson's Disease and how to raise awareness about the disease. 

Some research suggests that exposure to pesticides could cause the disease, and 15% of people may have a genetic marker linked to it. 

A national study called the PD GENEration was launched to study the disease further. Participants can learn more about Parkinson's and potentially identify a genetic marker. Those interested in participating can contact Dawn Lewis for more information.

The Parkinson's Foundation is hosting its annual Moving Day event on Saturday, May 6th, 2023, on the National Mall to celebrate movement, fundraise, and connect those with Parkinson's - and their families - with pharmaceutical companies and additional resources that can provide treatments. 

Moving Day attendees will participate in Rock Steady Boxing, a popular form of exercise, and a mini-workout.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear real stories and experiences from people living with Parkinson's and family members with loved ones lost to Parkinson’s. A DJ will provide music, and people can bring their whole family and pets. The event is a great way to raise research funds and awareness about Parkinson's and its effects.

Throughout Raquel and Ryan’s interview with Dawn, they discussed the symptoms and early detection of Parkinson's disease. 

Dawn explained that tremors are the most common symptom, but other signs include low voice, small handwriting, and shuffling. She encouraged people to reach out to a doctor if they notice any of these symptoms, as Parkinson's can be difficult to diagnose. 

A doctor, Dawn says, will conduct a physical exam and ask patients to complete specific movements to establish a baseline. 

Levodopa is a common medication prescribed to Parkinson’s patients if the doctor feels the need to correct some symptoms. Dawn said there is no average age for someone diagnosed with Parkinson's.

The Parkinson’s Foundation website offers helpful resources for those with Parkinson’s, including a Parkinson’s Hospital Care Kit


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