Season 1: Episode 8 - Bernie Stolar was wrong. Saturn WAS Sega's future.
Play • 1 hr 25 min

Hello and welcome once again to a brand new SegaGuys RetroPod! 

On this show James and Dan will go back in time to E3 1997 and examine Bernie Stolar's now infamous line, the one liner which shattered the dreams of millions of Saturn owners and seen Sega's 32-bit system fizzle out in the West by 1998, leaving gamers on this side of the world without a new and supported Sega system until the launch of the Dreamcast in late 1999.


Revisit the launch.

Give our thoughts on what Sega could have done differently.

Tell you why the Saturn very much had a vital role to play in Sega's future, a role it was never allowed to fulfil.

Detail the games which could have made all the difference (the worst part is they launched them!).

And tell you why that infamous line was Sega's very own Sliding Doors moment, a moment which sent ripple effects through the company that would impact it until the final Dreamcast was manufactured.

All this and much more on another packed SegaGuys RetroPod!

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