Ep.28:Pandavas Return Home;Build Khandavaprastha (The Mahabharata)
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Pandavas are finally returning home! Their very advantageous marriage to Draupadi proves to be a brilliant strategy as the Kauravas are taking notice and are calling them back home. This absolutely does not mean that all the Kauravas are glad to see them. Still, the pressure on the Kauravas to do the right thing is intense. The Pandavas are coming home, and there is nothing they can do about it.

Listen to the stories of:

-How things changed for the Pandavas after their marriage to Draupadi.

-Kauravas react to news that Pandavas were alive

-Pandavas return to Hastinapura

-How things were settled between the cousins

-The city of Khandavaprashta and why it is also called Indraprastha.

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Music: At Depth- Lish Grooves

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The Mahabharata 1: Complete and Unabridged; translated by Bibek Debroy. (2015). Penguin Random House India. (Original work published 2010)


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