Lockdown Love or Hate ! I Martina Witter
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On this episode of Rivers to Resilience, Martina discusses the upcoming lockdown. Martina explains what you can do to build ’lockdown love’ resilience during this restrictive time whilst sharing what she did to help herself during the last lockdown.


0:00 – Intro

0:58 – Martina is in the north of England where the R rate is very high

1:45 – Is it lockdown love or hate? Where would you put yourself on this scale?

2:42 – Martina feels quite neutral about the lockdown, and she was actually shielding during the first lockdown

4:43 – It’s important for leaders to realise their employees are all in the same boat

5:23 – There have been many relationships ending and a rise of abuse and mental health issues, but you can build resilience during this time

7:07 – The more we resist something, the more adverse the effect it has on us

7:35 – what did you establish during the lockdown?

8:13 – record 3 things that worked during the last lockdown, as Martina shares with us what she wrote herself

13:00 – Martina encourages you to reintroduce those top 3 things you did

13:27 – Another way to embrace the lockdown is to focus on what we can control

15:16 – Another way of embracing the lockdown is building a sense of community

17:13 – Martina is grateful that she’s alive and things could be much worse

17:52 – Martina wants to hear your feedback


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