Advantage, Adversity & All-Female DJ Agency I China L'One
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On this episode of Rivers to Resilience, Martina chats with international DJ China Lone. China owns an Award Winning Female DJ Agency solely dedicated to giving women DJ’s an opportunity in a male dominated industry. China talks to Martina about some of the struggles she’s faced including stammering and dyslexia whilst also exploring how her resilience has created advantage and opportunity. 


0:00 – Intro, China’s background and how she began as a DJ

4:56 – China says she isn’t proud of having dyslexia, but she does accept that without it she may not be who she is now

7:11 – China doesn’t want people to feel bad for her because of her stammering and  dyslexia

8:25 – For China it’s about knowing yourself

9:12 – People say you have to stay positive but you  also have to be realistic

10:10 – China’s faith kept her going through all of the challenges in her life

11:12 – China tries to understand people as much as she can

12:17 – China has good people around her

12:55 – China is a health freak

14:02 – Growing up, China’s mother faced mental health issues

15:48 – China has recently started mindfulness which is helping her, as well as Adult Mindful  colouring

19:34 – You have to have a tough skin to be a female DJ in a male dominated industry

23:56 – Everyday, China gets emails asking to join her agency

25:00 – It’s about being able to educate yourself and knowing how to deal with people

26:20 – When China started the agency, no one told her it would be easy

27:40 – China does employ men, but  not male DJ’s

30:00 – China talks about when she moved to the UK when she was 13

31:02 – Growing up in Sierra Leone, China has a different way of thinking from people in the UK

33:30 – Since 2001, China has felt her calling was to help people

34:25 – You need to come ready when you join an agency

36:20 – When someone’s at chapter 20 and you’re at chapter 1, you start judging them

37:28 – “Who I am is more important than what I do”

38:54 – China regularly gets told they followed her because she has an interesting character

41:27 – China is aiming for excellence, and has achieved an award for Excellence in April 2020

43:27 – China talks about what her greatest challenge was

47:40 – China has been working on her resilience for a long time, so when something happens, she can handle it

48:57 – Whatever happens, China feels she has done what she’s wanted in life

52:01 – It’s about embracing that one day at a time

53:13 – Every day before bed, China writes 5 things she’s grateful for and 5 acts of kindness she does every day

54:53 – China leaves the listeners with some tips of how to get through this storm

57:22 – You can  follow what China L'One  on Instagram , Twitter , Facebook and Linkedin.


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