Roller coasters of Resilience : Happy Soul & Chaotic Mind I Natasha Naomi Rea
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On this episode of Rivers to Resilience, Martina talks to British Actress, Creative , Author and Ambassador for Bipolar UK, Natasha Naomi Rea . Natasha gives us insight into how she lives her life with Bi-Polar disorder and provides us with some tips about what has helped her overcome and bounce back from setbacks and challenges in her life.

0:00 – Intro  1:07 – Natasha gives us a background of herself and explains what Bi-Polar Disorder 3:16 – Natasha’s episodes got worse after she had her son 4:09 – Sometimes Natasha questions herself on whether she’s having anxiety or whether she’s being over sensitive due to her spirituality 4:51 – A friend of Natasha encouraged her to turn her journals into a book 4:57 – In 2018, Natasha had a traumatic experience, leading her to take an overdose  5:35 – Natasha hasn’t had a great experience with the mental health system so she wanted to get to know her condition and get to know herself  6:22 – The book was a saviour for Natasha and it has helped her understand who she is and understand the illness more 9:03 – You can’t sugar-coat Bi-Polar Disorder  10:23 – A few years ago, Natasha wouldn’t have wanted to share her vulnerability 11:43 – Jess Phillips said “tell the world what you care about because that will make the world care too”, a line that really resonated with Natasha 13:00 – People talk about panic attacks and anxiety, yet they’re so different to each other 15:08 – Power lifting brought out mental strength in Natasha  16:18 – You have to get angry with your condition when the fear creeps in, telling it no 19:19 – It’s difficult not to want to curl up and hide away after an episode, so you need someone to give you some tough love sometimes 21:17 – A support network is crucial 22:35 – Natasha would rather collapse in the gym that tell her trainer she’s not coming in 23:16 – Given the choice, Natasha wouldn’t turn her Bi-Polar Disorder off 23:35 – Natasha’s son has made her want to live, not only survive 24:37 – Usually it gets to crisis level before something gets done to help Natasha  25:09 – Natasha gets anxiety when she’s successful  25:39 – Acceptance and wanting to be a normal mum are the biggest obstacles in Natasha’s life she has had to overcome 28:40 – “Find something that gives you a little bit of light no matter how much dark you’re in” 31:37 – When Natasha can be fully focused with her son, those are the moments she holds on to


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