Integrating Spaced Retrieval Techniques into Intervention
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Do you know how to help people with cognitive deficits remember key pieces of information? In this episode, we talk with dementia care educator and author Jennifer Brush, MA, CCC-SLP, about how to integrate the spaced retrieval technique, an errorless learning strategy, into rehabilitation treatment plans for individuals living with dementia and other cognitive impairments. We will talk about the steps to perform spaced retrieval, how to implement it in patient-centered care, and the research showing its benefit.


(03:00) Overview of Spaced Retrieval (SR) 

(06:58) Who Can Use It? 

(08:40) Client Selection 

(10:17) Benefits of Spaced Retrieval 

(12:46) Overview of Steps 

(13:50) Why It Works: Implicit Memory and Priming 

(17:53) Spacing Effect 

(19:55) Errorless Learning 

(22:33) Step 1: Identify Need or Desire 

(24:58) What If Needs Are Not Being Met? 

(30:03) Example Needs/Desires SR Can Address 

(32:07) Step 2: Develop Lead Question and Response 

(33:42) Step 3: Practice 

(37:11) Role Play Example #1 

(39:00) Time Intervals 

(41:05) Case Example 

(44:18) Engaging Other Team Members 

(45:18) Role Play Example #2 

(50:03) Pairing Responses with a Motor Movement 

(51:11) When to Engage the Rest of the Team 

(51:52) Incorporating Visual Cues 

(53:48) What Does Success Look Like? 

(57:14) Booster Sessions 

(58:07) Role Play Example #3 

(1:01:12) Advice for Care Partners 

(1:02:31) Conclusion 

The content for this course was created by Jennifer Brush, MA/CCC-SLP.

The content for this course was created by Susan Almon-Matangos, MS/CCC-SLP.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Spaced Retrieval video by Benigas, Brush, & Elliot:

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