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In this week's episode of the Red Pill Revolution Podcast, we GO DEEP. We touch on everything from King Charles appointing Prince Andrew; An El Paso Teacher fired for promoting the term MAP, UFOs being sited and tracked over Ukraine, a nursing home apologies for bringing in a stripper, and even the ancient Sumerian Race and their unbelievable technological advances.

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Welcome to the revolution.

Hello and welcome to red pill revolution. My name is Austin Adams and thank you so much for listening today. I appreciate it so so much. We have some very fun and interesting things to talk about today. Some things about the Royal family on the backs of queen Elizabeth's death last week, some things about.

I don't know, strippers at old folks homes. And then we will also talk about a little bit about UFOs, a little bit of everything today. So you are in for it. It's gonna be a great show. Thank you so much for listening. The first thing I need you to do before we jump into it is just go ahead and hit that subscribe button for me.

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I appreciate you so much. And again, welcome to the revolution. We are going to jump right into it. Here are the articles we're going to discuss a nursing home has apologized after hiring strippers for their residents. . And we will discuss that. We actually have a video today, which you guys are in for a treat for.

Um, there's some very, very happy old folks in this old folks home. And when I decide to put myself in one, many, many years from now, I may just have to figure out which one this one was, because it looks like they're having a great time. Um, the next one is discussing that prince, or I'm sorry, not no longer prince king, Charles himself is now, uh, seemingly going to a point prince Andrew into a high level position.

And if you don't know anything about prince Andrew, you will in just a few minutes, there's a couple articles that we'll discuss on that. We are also going to talk about the Pakistan, former prime minister getting caught red handed, uh, with some documents. Now, normally I don't really care about the Pakistani former prime minister at all.

Uh, but this was a, a pretty interesting one. So, um, we'll find out why he got caught red handed, uh, basically, um,  yeah. Basically putting, uh, documents out there during a legal case that didn't even exist. So we'll discuss that. We will also talk about El Paso, firing a teacher for going and calling pedophiles maps to their students and trying to convince them to do the same.

So again, we will discuss all of that in a few more things, including UFOs and China, potentially finding a nuclear fusion fuel with limitless energy from the moon. All right. So lots of interesting stuff, stick around. Thanks for listening. Hit that subscribe button. If you didn't already, I forgive you, but if you don't do it now, I may not.

All right. I forgive you, but just hit it. I appreciate it. Sincerely. All right, let's get.

Welcome to red pill revolution. My name is Austin Adams. Red pill revolution started out with me realizing everything that I knew, everything that I believed, everything I interpreted about my life is through the lens of the information I was spoon fed as a child, religion, politics, history, conspiracies, Hollywood medicine, money, food, all of it, everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those in power.

Now I'm on a mission, a mission to retrain and reeducate myself to find the true reality of what is behind that curtain. And I'm taking your ass with me. Welcome to the revolution.

All right. Let's jump into it. Episode number 44 of the red pill revolution podcast. And I appreciate you more than, you know, the very first article that we are going to jump into today is going to be a nursing home. Apologizing, not sure why after hiring strippers for their residents. So we have heard of drag shows for infants and children, but what we have not heard of yet is strippers for old folks homes.

and this is probably my favorite new video. There's a hilarious video making its round of a stripper, basically shaking her boobs  and doing all sorts of things in front of these old, old men and women in their mass. It's quite quite hilarious. So we will watch that in just a. But I do find it interesting, right?

The, the, uh, drag show for children is such a hot topic. It seems like there was literally never a drag show for children. Right. Because it's a sexualized show until very, very recently. Um, so, and, and there's probably a very obvious reason why there's absolutely no reason children should be involved in drag shows, you know, but maybe that's me being crazy thinking that we shouldn't sexualize.

Toddlers and infants, but who knows? So let's go ahead and watch this video here. It is quite hilarious of this nursing home debacle  and then we'll talk about some of the comments that came up in this, and then we'll move on to some more serious topics. But I thought we, you know, we'll start this one off light today.

and I'll kind of talk you through what we are seeing in a, uh, you know, PG 13 fashion here. Although it's not, it's not that wild, you know, you can find it. It's not that crazy, but pretty hilarious stuff. All right, let's go ahead and pull this article or this video up. It seems like it's in a different country, but it's, uh, basically.

This young woman, she looks like some type of, I don't know, I don't know if she's Asian or something, but they're speaking a different language and she's literally shaking her butt in front of these old folks on these old folks sitting in their wheelchairs. And there is just this man who is so excited to be there with holding this woman's boobs in her hands, hand.

this is comical comical. Now I don't know why this isn't a thing. I think there's a company here. I, I don't know why this is not a thing already. There should absolutely be an entire stripper company. Designed to go to old folks homes. I don't know why we're like thinking that shouldn't be a thing. I don't know why these people feel like the need to apologize for hiring a stripper.

Um, the only thing they should be hire, or the only thing they should be apologizing for is not hiring enough strippers. Cuz there was only one there and there's plenty of people to go around. Uh, they should absolutely bring in more people. Um, so , I don't know why they, they feel the need to do this. Now let's look through some of the comments here.

Somebody says. Flips sake. They're old. They aren't dead. Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't these people enjoy themselves? You're on your way out. You might as well have a good time. Um,  let's see what somebody else said. This is coming from Reddit, Reddit slash face Palm, and somebody said, are we face palming for the apology?

The hiring is exemplary.  uh, the next comment says maybe next time, mail strippers for the ladies too. Maybe that's what they forgot and why they have apologized.  all right. I think that's enough on that topic, but I think it's awesome. 100%. I am absolutely behind the strippers at old folks homes, way, way more than I am behind the children going to drag shows.

Right. We see all these like horrific videos of, of literal children going to drag shows and giving money to these men. And in 90% of the time at these drag shows, they are highly unhealthy. And, and must we say overweight, and even in some cases, a Dr. May call them obese, but majority of the time it's obese obese men who are shaking the, what they did not have given to them by God, in front of children, asking them for money for sexual acts in front of.

It's like literally one of the most horrific things. And like I said earlier, we didn't see that literally a year ago. We didn't see it at all. There was no drag shows, you know, shaking of, uh, you know, butts in front of children that was found to be acceptable a year ago. It's literally so baffling to me how this even became a conversation that we need to have.

Um, and everybody who attends these with their children should absolutely have CPS called in them. Although there's another conversation about whether CPS is literally just designed to traffic, children for profit. Um, I heard somewhere that each child that they actually take away from the children ends up being like a hundred thousand dollars or Mo like it, it might have even been like a million.

Um, every time CPS takes a child away from their family, they make money off of it from the, the country, from the state, from the federal government or the state government. They're actually profiting from taking children from their parents. And, you know, we went through a whole, you know, the whole vaccination thing.

We had to look at it. Luckily, we're in a state here where they have exemptions for children, surprisingly enough, for in the state that I'm in, but they do, they have exemptions. They even have philosophical exemptions for vaccination, but there has been several, several cases. I did a ton of research on it when we decided not to give our children, the COVID vaccine.

Um, for many, many reasons, the first being, it's not a vaccine, um, it's mRNA gene therapy, which has never been done before, you know, do your own research on that and make your own decisions for your own children. Um, but with my children's history and everything else, we decided not to do it. So we had to go and actually physically research what could happen if the state decided to come after us for that and have come to find out we fall under exemptions.

Really nice to be in the state. I would never move to a state where that's not the case because they've actually, I looked at all of the laws in our state and I looked at all of the previous legal proceedings in cases against parents for not vaccinating. And there was like nine cases in the last hundred years or 70 years when this became a law where they attempted to do so now luckily a majority of those cases, they did not win and the parents actually ended up winning the case.

Um, but just tells you how far the state is willing to go to profit from stealing children from their parents. It's horrible. So, you know, do a little bit of research on that. And I, I think it's, again, worth an episode, almost diving into what CPS actually is, what majority they go after, because it's a lot of times it's directly affecting minority communities, disproportionate.

Um, you know, but I digress. So let's go ahead and move on from our nursing home strippers and we'll move into  the Royals family situation this week, uh, queen Elizabeth died. If you were hiding under a rock this week, or you're listening from the future in a time machine. Now, listening back, this is, uh, Wednesday, September 14th, 2022, that this is episode is happening and the, uh, queen died last week after almost 70 years, Ofra allowing prince Charles to become king Charles.

Now some of the controversy that's coming up from that is that king Charles now, uh, you know, is now looking to so, so king Charles is now going to appoint prince Andrew to step in for him first, if he is ill or out of the country. That's right. The same prince Andrew, it says who was a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein and used $12 million of tax based income.

To settle a sexual assault case with Virginia guff, the same Virginia guff, who was at the Galea Maxwell trial testifying directly. Right. You know that one. So king Charles is going to appoint a literal pedophile to potentially step in from now. We'll actually look into what that means. Um, and, and what the actual title is that he'll be getting.

Um, but we'll read some of the comments here. It says he was already a counselor to his mom, queen Elizabeth II. The Regency act of 1937, decides who can be counselors. Apparently there's not a clause that has to do with, you know, paying off children for doing illegal sexual acts on them, you know, and being part of international sex trafficking rings.

Maybe that should be a clause. I don't know who am I, although if you go and read the Ashley Biden journal, uh you'll know that. Our royalty, our princes and princes, our presidents and their family are not also immune to these types of acts. Um, but it goes on to say that three of them are non working Royals.

Um, you guys need new legislation, so prince Andrew or prince, and can replace Peto prince.

Now princess Anne is a, uh, somebody who goes on and say for real princess, Anne is a G does a lot of low profile Royal's work, charity work, zero scandals, not a big spender. Um, I could be propaganda by the news, but she seems humble and hardworking. I think she may have even been the one who was, uh, allowed to stand beside the princess, um, in one of these proceedings for like one of the very first times.

Um, but quite interesting. Uh, don't really know why a king of a nation. Potentially put a pedophile in the possession of power, but you know, once you find out that maybe potentially majority of them are culprits in this type of thing, uh, you know, it starts to be much more believable. Now this article goes on to say that king Charles II appoints prince Andrew in new important role.

And another article says that prince Andrew can still be deputized for king as counselor of state, but princess Anne can't under new rules. And then, um, we'll go ahead and jump into one of those articles here. So it goes on to say that king, uh, king Charles I third ascended the throne after his late mother queen Elizabeth, the second passed away at her country estate in bald morale Scotland.

The 73 year old was officially announced as the nation's new sovereign last Saturday, September 10th. And following his proclamation, the new head of state was supposedly appointed his younger brother, prince Andrew as counselor of state. Robert Peston journalist and political editor for ITV news, posted a thread of tweets explaining the situation.

And he says the Monarch points, five counselors of state to stand in for him when he is unwell or out of the UK, Peston began, they are his spouse. Plus the top four in secession to the crown who are age 21 or over these include prince Andrew and his daughter, princess Beatrice. It says that, uh, but not prince and who is probably the most widely respected in all of the Royal family.

Many would say, this is not, especially since the 2013 secession of the crown act ended Premo, gen premature. Not sure what that is though. Um, only for those born after 2011, uh, interesting. He says it continues that. So if king Charles were incapacitated, Andrew would step in as king. Not Anne. He ended his thread with the question.

Do you think most British people would approve? I would certainly hope not says taken to Twitter. Many users shared their answers to passions questions. One responded, I most certainly would become a Republican under those circumstances. No way would I accept Andrew as a standin for the king? This is nuts.

A second person wrote in his first week as king Charles has had two hissy fits about pens, sacked dozens of his staff at Clarence house. And now is rehabilitating prince nons. Good call is your majesty. Yeah, I saw him do that, where he was like sitting there signing documents and like pissed that there was some stuff on the table and like waved in somebody else because how dare he have to move the King's hand to move a, you know, pen off of a desk.

Um, it goes on to say that a third waited or wants to wait for an outcome tweeting. Let's see what the actual outcome is. I don't think people will stomach Andrew being in that line. I'm pro monarchy. I may be, it may be a legal glitch or point of clarification may be needed, but certainly needs to be changed.

Andrew had also, uh, previously served as this Queen's counselor of state, along with king Charles Prince William and prince Harry. Hmm. Um, so who better to take on the throne  than a potential Jeffrey Epstein associated pedophile literally paid off Virginia guff in a settlement claim during, uh, a legal proceeding to hush hush, the conversation surrounding him sexually assaulting a minor.

Hmm. Now that could lead us into our next conversation, which, you know, would be a little bit deeper than that, about this, you know, whole map situation, which we'll get into here in a minute. Um, but let's see if there's any more substance to these articles. I don't know anything about this princess Anne.

Um, but it sounds like, you know, maybe she's the one who a lot of people are rooting for, or that other person said maybe I'm being propaganda. You know, I like that word propaganda  that seems like it's a, a very fitting word in these types of situations. Um, but how terrifying is that? That literally not only the king of England, but you know, seeing over Canada, seeing over Australia, seeing over, you know, 14 different Commonwealth, uh, realms is what they referred to it as, um, would potentially be prince Andrew also known as PTO Andrew, because as we've stated, he's a pedophile.

I don't know. Quite terrifying. What a horrific PR move by, you know, during all of this. Now I did see something about king Charles. I, I just can't say that seriously, king Charles, I feel like I'm in a Disney movie. It seems so bizarre that we have Kings and Queens and princesses and, you know, Royal family, you know, all based on blood lines.

That's the, that's the weird thing about the Royal family is it's literally all based on bloodline. You cannot move your way into a position of power. It's literally a Royal bloodline. And we talked about this an episode ago, where if you go back far enough, according to these, you know, conspiracy theories, you know, even people like Cleopatra.

And, uh, there's like basically 12 Royal families that have had these bloodlines go down and down for generations. There's a CIA document about it, which is quite quite interesting. Um, so I'll have to check that out at some point there's like a 217 page book that is, uh, put into the Documents, you can go to Google right now, or even better go to brave search right now and type in CIA Royal bloodlines, FOA, OIA, freedom of information act.

And you will find the document that I'm discussing here. Anyways, do some research on that. Happy to discuss it with you All right. Let's move on. Dr.

Fauci and ran Paul and here is the clip,

uh, but she's had the flu for 14 days. Should she get a flu shot? Well, no. If she got the flu for 14 days, she's as protected as anybody can be. Cuz the best vaccination is to get infected. And if not, if she really has the flu, if she really has the flu. Now, what this is, is this is ran Paul grilling, Dr.

Fauci very recently regarding this, like today, I believe it's today. He's showing him on an iPad, the, to his own statements from like a few years ago, saying these things about the flu. Okay. So take that into consideration. When you're listening to this vaccination is to get infected yourself and,

uh, but she's had the flu for 14 days. Should she get a flu shot? Well, no. If she got the flu for 14 days, she's just protected as anybody can be. Cuz the best vaccination is to get infected yourself and not get it. If she really has the flu, if she really has the flu, she definitely doesn't need a flu vaccine.

If she really has the flu, she should not get it again. No, she doesn't need it because the, it it's the BA it's the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself. So when we look at this, we wonder, you know, why you seem to really embrace basic immunology back in 2004 and how you, or why you seem to reject it now.

And as a matter of fact, Reuter's fact check looked at that and said, Fauci, 2004 comments do not contradict his pandemic shame, actually words don't lie. If you look at the words behind me, we can go over them a little bit at a time. She doesn't need it because the most potent vaccin vaccination is getting infected yourself.

It is true. It is true Senator. It is a very potent. Way to protect. But when you're trying to tell us that kids need a third or a fourth vaccine, are you including the variability or the variable of previous infection in the studies? No, you're not. So what I love about that is the fact that Dr. Fauci is just shaking in this piece of paper in his hand, coming from Reuters, like Dr.

Fauci, aren't you Mr. Science, aren't you the only person who knows about science in this whole world, didn't you claim to be the, what did they say? If you question Dr. Fauci, you question science itself, like aren't you, the guy, not Reuters, not some random journalist who decided to, you know, try and make the world believe that there three year old needs another vaccination to be safe from a, a thing that literally doesn't even exist today.

That, that the CDC itself said, you don't even need the quarantine, even if you have it. Right. But you're sitting there trying to justify it. And not only trying to justify it like Dr. Fauci, do you know that this is not. Facebook jail court. This is literally Senate. This is a Senate hearing, not the hearing on Facebook's fact checking.

Right. He literally brought the fact that he brought that piece of paper with him to shake in front of the court. The fact that he did that and said, well, Reuters actually says a journalist with no experience in this says that you are wrong. Like you, you said it with your own words. How can you sit here in front of us and say that Reuters is going to like, um, you know, actually Reuters said that what I meant there is different from what I actually said, no, justify your position.

Maybe, maybe you should back it up, not utilize Reuters in a fact checker. Like that's how far off we've gotten. That's how 1984 Orwellian we've gotten is now that somebody's going to sit in front of the Senate and utilize a journalist. Article to try and justify their own statements. So they don't have to back it up.

And they're gonna use these like abusive, uh, tactics done by these journalistic companies like Reuters to, to try and Gaslight you into thinking that, oh, I, you know, Reuters knows what I meant, not, not myself. So I'll let them explain it. You know, it's like, no, literally you used your own words there. Like it it's, it's so crazy to see that he went on to, to use Reuters of all things to justify, not even backing it up himself.

Like he's literally a, according to him, a scientist. And he can't even justify his own position on a statement that he made of with his own words, saying that you do not need a booster. You don't need a vaccine if you got it, because that's the best protection that you can get is actually getting it right.

And not taking that into consideration when you are actually deciding to give children experimental drugs. Right. It's it's so, so wild to see that. But I love the fact that Fauci was shaking on camera. I love that. It makes me feel so warm inside just to know that he was so uncomfortable that his body could not even handle it there.

And, and then the  other thing that I want to talk about, and, and I'll talk, touch on this just super, super briefly is that there was a clip going around of. Of an employee from Chick-fil-A employee, a Chick-fil-A employee took down this guy that was committing, like trying to steal the keys of this woman who had this children in her car.

If you haven't seen it yet, it's gonna start making its rounds over the next few days. It's it's a Chick-fil-A employee who just jumped at this guy, like completely when he tried to like steal this woman's car with her baby in it, and just like threw him to the ground, stood on top of him and just, you know, my pleasure to him.

could you just imagine him whispering that in his ear as he took them to the ground? Just amazing. Unbelievable. Um, but you know, I digress now, the very next. Is going to be Pakistan's former prime minister, Noah Sharif's family have produced documents to prove innocence concerning ownership of properties in London. The documents were signed in 2006, but the Kalibri font used in the document was released in 2007.

So basically, uh, the document was dated 2006. And the font that was used in a document was 2007. So it completely showed that he fabricated this document. So we'll get a little bit more context here and then we'll talk about it. Um, it goes on, uh, to say that in July, 2018, um, three members of the family were fined and sentenced to jail Nawaz for 10 years, Miriam for seven.

And her husband captains Dar for one year in the event, field department's case, as they could not show that the posh London property had been bought legitimately while Nawaz was sentenced for owning assets beyond income, the other two were held guilty for AB Bement and not cooperating with the prob agency.

It was in this case that Miriam had presented a trust deed dated February, 2006 in Microsoft's Calibri font, which became commercially available only in 2007 Noah and his kin were jailed, but in September of 2018, the Islam bad high court ordered their release in suspended their sentence pending final adjudication for the, um, of the appeals against it.

Hmm. So there is your. Breakdown  of why we are even discussing a former prime minister of Pakistan. Now, a few of the comments that you'll find on this thread here are a little funny that somebody says, that's why I always stick with times new Roman. Yeah. Just in case you find yourself in a court settlement and you don't want to have to deal with a, you know, great lawyer finding out that the font that you used pre or postdated the document that you signed  or forged even better.

Um, . Um, pretty, pretty wild. You know, what, what, what hot water you must find yourself in there to legitimately use font. Like how stupid would you feel right to know that you made that big of a mistake, right. And how easy is it to just, just use time, new Roman, you don't have to get fancy here, guys. We don't need your Colibri.

We don't need your comic Sams. We don't need any of that times. New Roman all the way across, you're safe from lawyers coming after you for utilizing the wrong font.  all right. So I found that to be interesting. And let's see if there's anything else of note in here. Um, so somebody says, so that's what good lawyers are for.

Yes. That is exactly what good lawyers are for finding out that the person used the wrong. Interesting. All right. Anyways, I won't stick around on that one. I just found that to be quite, quite interesting now on the backs of the prince Charles or king Charles situation, let's go ahead and discuss this.

There was an Al Paso teacher who was fired over, telling their students to use maps instead of the word pedophile. Um, for a comment in the classroom that touches off a firestorm says Fox news. We'll go ahead and we'll actually listen to this here. Uh, but we'll listen to where she actually says that to him.

And this article even goes as far as showing, um, what the husband commented on a thread in a local Facebook group, which I found to be interesting too. So here is the article. It says Al Paso teachers firing over pedophiles comment in classroom launches, a firestorm response. It goes on to say that El Paso's independent school district board of trustees said the allegation is being investigated thoroughly.

An El Paso teacher in Texas was informed of her proposed termination after telling students to call pedophiles, minor attracted persons, according to the city's school district. But some witnesses say her remarks were taken out of context. Now she literally says you shouldn't call them pedophiles. It's O you, we shouldn't make fun of them just because they wanna have sex with a five year old.

She literally says to a high school student it's wild. It goes on to say that in an 18, second clip shared on TikTok, the Franklin high school teacher identified as the El Paso teachers Associa, uh, by the El Paso teachers association as Amber Parker, she'll never have a job again, um, can be heard telling students that they're not allowed to label individuals as pedophiles.

She reportedly made the comment during a lesson on the play, the crucible. We're not gonna call them. That Parker said in the video, we're gonna call them maps, minor attracted persons. So don't judge people just because they want to have sex with a five-year-old. She says, what in the world kind of world are we coming to?

We'll listen to the video in just a second, but it says first came the suspension. Then El Paso's independent school district board of trustees unanimously voted to fire Parker following her remarks on the evening of August 29th, 2022, the El Paso independent school district was made aware of a classroom situation.

Impromptly initiated an investigation. Um, after a thorough investigation was conducted on September 6th, 2022, during a special board meeting, the board of trustees approved a decision to notify a Franklin high school teacher of proposed termination. The process will continue in accordance with the Texas education code, any allegation and potential misconduct is investigated thoroughly.

And the safety of our students is the top priority as this is a personal matter, no further information will be shared at this time. So it goes on to talk about, um, some students were saying that it was taken out of context and then it gives what her husband actually said. Um, but let's go ahead and listen to this clip.

It's again, it's 18 seconds long. And we'll see what this teacher had to say about maps.

What? Stop it, Diego. Yeah. We're not gonna call them that. We're gonna call them maps. No mono attracted persons. No. So don't judge people just cuz they wanna have sex with a five year old. Oh, call . That was the perfect cut. You hear the guy go? What the fuck?  that's wild now. Thank the Lord that we're seeing retribution in this case.

This is exactly what needs to happen across the board. And thankfully it didn't have to come to school board meetings in this, in this situation. Right? A lot of these situations have come to school board meetings, right? The sex books in children's libraries. Right. We've seen many, many videos about, uh, parents going in speaking up against those videos.

Um, there's some crazy, crazy books that they're putting in children's libraries talking literally about sodomy and about sexual positions to five and six year olds in elementary schools. It's horrific, but thankfully, thankfully it didn't have to come to this case, at least as far as I know, it seems as if this school board caught it right away and, you know, surprised surprise they did it in Texas now.

Um, I don't see how any of that could have been taken out of context. You can't say, you know, so don't judge people just because they won't to Hey of six, we had the five year old. Yeah, I'm gonna judge you. I'm gonna judge you and I'm gonna do way worse than that to you. If it's somebody that I know I'm gonna do far, far more to you than judge you.

Yeah, dude, I'm not even gonna get into it cause that's called implication, but horrific, horrific thing to say, and to say it to an entire class of children to say it to an entire group in a high school setting, what kind of precedent is that setting? You're literally talking to minors saying it's okay.

It, it, it's not only okay, but don't even judge those people for doing that to a child for literally putting the child in a position where they're going to be hurt worse than anything you could possibly imagine giving so much trauma for the rest of their lives that they're gonna have to deal with and unpack in a way that somebody who didn't deal with that could never have to imagine, could never have to imagine.

And she's sitting in front of an entire school or an entire class of children saying that this should be acceptable and they shouldn't be judged. Not only that, but we're not even gonna use this term in case we hurt their little pedophile feelings. Like what in the world now, um, it goes on to say that the school district board of trustees voted to fire Parker following her remarks on the evening, uh, the El Paso school district was made aware of a classroom situation and promptly initiated an investigation.

This is coming from the district's chief communications officer who told Fox news digital after a thorough investigation was conducted on Jan, uh, on September 6th, during a special board meeting, the board of trustees approved a decision to notify the teacher of proposed proposed to termination. The process will continue in accordance with the Texas education code, any allegation and potential misconduct.

We already talked about that. Moving on, some students went on to say that her words were taken out of context. The teacher was expressing. This says how it was ridiculous, how they, how we might not be able to call people pedophiles that we will probably have to start calling them maps because is offensive to them.

The class agreed. That's not what it sounded like now, if that is what it is, maybe you shouldn't be saying that in a group of high school students. Um, but if you are being sarcastic and then following that clip by saying, yeah, this is disgusting. This is gross. What they're doing, you know, we're absolutely going to call these people pedophiles and we're not gonna give into the woke ideology that is saying that we have to change the terms that we're using to describe the literal worst people in the world, doing the worst act in the world with the proper term for doing so and fear of you hurting their feelings, if that is the case.

And she was being sarcastic. Yeah. It's definitely a distasteful joke. Should she lose her job for a distasteful, sarcastic remark? No, but if she is sitting here in front of a class of high school students protecting pedophiles and telling minors that they should also do the same, right? Literally the people that pedophiles go after minors in this case, um, Now it says that Daniel call vice president of El Paso independent school district board noted that while the lesson plans are approved by administrators, Parker appeared to stray from it in the particular class call had previously offered Parker.

The benefit of the doubt saying the video had appeared to omit some important context and that it seemed Parker was only pretending to advocate the position. Now it did seem like she had some tonality there that seemed a little sarcastic, but I'm not gonna be the one to protect her update on my last post, after hearing from some of the students that were in the class, including my own nephew, I believe now that the teacher had appeared to be promoting and normalizing pedophilia was pretend, uh, I believe now that the teacher that appeared to be promoting in normalizing pedophilia was pretending to advocate a position.

She didn't actually believe in, in order to challenge the students in preparation for them reading the play, the cruc. The video that many of us saw was missing. The important context. I regret the negative attention that the situation is brought to the teacher and wish her well. I'm told she is a great educator, but he ultimately voted in favor of firing her saying any reasonable person that heard what the seven trustees heard would've voted to terminate Amber Parker.

Now Parker's husband. Jason said that Parker's comments were made to challenge students. Mr. Daniel call. I happen. The sick, the sick, what Mr. Daniel call, I happened to be the husband of the teacher in question Parker road on Facebook, I can tell you that we were shaken to our core about these accusations.

It is both scary and disturbing that ANED 18. Second clip could destroy a 30 year career when taking completely out of context, she ex is exemplary as a teacher and truly cares about the students. Needless to say, we have spent many sleepless nights because of this cruel release to social media of the 18 seconds.

We pray that you and the rest of the board will see this for what it is and not allow the edited video to destroy an innocent woman, her career, and her family in the process. I want to thank you personally for the updated post to begin to write this wrong. So it says that controversial classroom moments have been captured across the country.

In recent years, driving parents to school, board meetings, demanding more of a say in their children's education. Um, Let's look at some of the comments here that says, this is a big problem with society, anything, and everything can be manipulated, um, input online or in the media to be the opposite of the actual facts.

And once it is out, any correction, um, or apologies are buried and people are left with false impressions of circumstances. Uh, it also says that, um, want to know what's wrong with education today. After speaking with students and witnesses, I have come to believe that the teacher was being satirical and not expressing a view she held, but rather the opposite.

I hear she is a great teacher, da, da, um, okay. That doesn't give us much information at all. Um, so it also says, so it is illegal to help a map with a cellulose nitrate and nitroglycerin assisted copper CLA PB projectile traveling at two times the speed of sound striking them with the frontal bone exiting the exci the bone, or is that still murder?

Oh, I think that's called a gun.  um, interesting. All right. Anyways, so. This is, this is, this is, you know, good that these headlines are starting to lead in this direction. Right? Good. That we're starting to see pushback from not only the parents going to parent meetings, but also the school boards going in realizing the pushback that they're gonna have in these situations.

Now, if this is a case where that teacher was being sarcastic, poor taste, poor timing, let's not even talk to children about the idea of normalizing pedophilia in the classroom. Obviously, you know, not the right way to go about that. Um, but should she be fired for having a sarcastic remark talking about maps?

Eh, I don't know. But if she's saying that, you know, the, the sentence alone, maybe you shouldn't be talking about, you know, what did she say? So don't judge people just because they want to have sex for a five year old or with a five year old. Yeah. That's not funny. That's not a joke. That's not sarcasm.

That's not that's wrong time and place. If you wanna do that at a bar and played devil's advocate on an argument, you know, you deserve to get ripped apart by whoever you're doing that with. Maybe you don't need to lose your job over it being sarcastic on that note. But in this case, don't talk to children about not judging people who wanna have sex with a five year old.

Right. Anyways, now, Again, I think it's a positive thing that this is coming up. I think it's a positive thing that the school board is pushing back immediately. Not waiting for parents to come to school, board meetings, calling an emergency meeting over this because this got millions and millions and millions of views.

Um, but anyways, let's go ahead and move on. But before I do that, I need you to do one thing for me. And what I need you to do is if you didn't hit that subscribe button just tipity tap it. There's not very many things you can do in your day to get good karma. It's gonna come back around. I promise you, your day's gonna get better.

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This is not CNN. This is just a guy standing here, ball sitting here, um, drinking a little bit of whiskey and talking to you about my opinions. So leave a five star review. Um, again, I appreciate your head over to the website. Red pill, revolution dot C is for losers head over there. Right now you can sign up for subst, which gives you all of the articles, um, all of the videos.

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The next article that we're gonna discuss here is going to be Ukraine's astronomers. Say that there are tons of UFOs over Kiev during the war with Russia, wild stuff. If you haven't heard about. This is an article from vice and it says Ukraine's airspace has been busy this year. That's the nature of war, but scientists in the country are looking to the skies and seeing something that they even didn't expect.

Inordinate number of UFOs, according to a new pre-print paper published by Kiev's main as astronomical observation in coordination with the C's national academy of science. Say that three times fast. Uh, let's try it. Um, Kiev's main astronomical observation.  I said it wrong the first time. Astronomical observa, astronomical observatory in coordination, astronomical observatory in coordination with the country's national academic.

Society of science. The paper does not specifically address the war, but in the United States, the Pentagon has long hinted, speculated and warned that some UFOs could be advanced technology from foreign military, specifically China and Russia, though. It hasn't been really given any evidence that this is actually the case.

The Ukraine's paper is particularly notable because it is not showing that science has continued to, uh, to occur during this war, but also explains that there has been a lot, a lot of sightings. We see them everywhere. The researcher said we observe a significant number of objects whose nature is not clear.

The paper is titled unidentified, aerial phenomenon, one observations and events come from observations made by NAS main astronomical observatory in Kiev, in a village south of Kiev called VIN. RKA. According to the papers authors, the observator took on the job of hunting for UFOs as an independent project because of the enthusiasm around the subject.

Yeah. Interested. You got my interest. It goes on to say that it describes a specific type of UFO. The researchers call Phantoms. That is an object that is completely black body that does not emit and absorbs all of the radiation falling on it. The researchers also observed that the UFOs that seeing are so fast that it's even hard to take pictures of them.

The eye does not fix phenomenon lasting less than one 10th of a second. The paper said it takes four tenths of a second to recognize an event. Ordinary photo and video recordings will also not even capture. The UAPs to detect UAPs. You need a to fine tune, the equipment, shutter speed frame rate, and dynamic range.

Wow. So video cameras, recordings, photos, and even your eyes cannot see the UFOs that are flying across Kiev right now. And there's an astonishing number of them. It says wild. So the researchers did just that using two media monitoring stations in Kiev, in Veka, we have developed a special observation technique taking into account the high speeds of the observed objects.

The paper said the exposure time was chosen so that the image of the object did not shift significantly. During ex exposure. The frame rate was chosen to take into account the speed of the object in the field of view of the camera in practice. The exposure time was less than one millisecond and the frame rate was no less than 50 Herz.

Not sure what that means. Not a photographer. The scientist divided the phenomenon they observed with two into two different categories. Cosmics and PTO. We note that cosmics are luminous objects brighter than the background of the sky. We call these ships names of birds, swift Falcon, and Eagle. The paper said Phantoms are dark objects with contrast from several to about 50% says using camera stationed, roughly 75 miles apart allowed the scientist to make repeated observations of strange objects.

Moving in the sky. The paper did not speculate on what the objects were. Merely noted the observations and mentioned the objects. Incredible speeds. They went on to say that flights of single group and squadrons of ships were detected. Moving at speeds from three to 15 degrees per second, Phantoms were observed in the troposphere at distances of up to 10 to 12 kilometers.

We estimate their size from three to 12 meters and speeds up to 15 kilometers per second. Wow. 15 kilometers per second. If you break that down is something like, I don't know. It's like 1.8 to times, something like that. I don't know. So it's basically like nine miles per second. That math is probably terribly off.

And I'm so sorry if you're somebody who goes by the metric system, I am not. So just trying to help you guys out  it says the easy explanation would be that these are missiles or rockets or someth…

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