Wildest Royal Family Conspiracies: Illuminati Reptilian Vampires & The Death of Queen Elizabeth
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In this episode of we discuss the passing of Queen Elizabeth the second and that leads the show down an entire rabbit hole of people claiming the Royal Family is interdimensional reptiles with ties to an elite child sex trafficking ring *Caugh* Epstein *Caugh* to take over the world. We also discuss how now King Charles, claims to be a distant relative to Vlad the Impaler - Otherwise known as Dracula. Yes, you read that all right. 

Follow me and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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Welcome to the revolution.

Hello, and welcome to red pill revolution. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening. This is episode number 42 of the red pill revolution podcast, and I appreciate you very, very much. Thank you so much for listening. The episode today is going to be about the breaking news of queen Elizabeth.

The second passing at age of 90. Six leaving the throne to her son, prince Charles. Uh, so we will be discussing that, but really this led me down quite the rabbit hole.  thanks to vice news, who linked an article within this article, um, which was QAN on, is losing it over the Queen's death, which led me, led me down to another wabbit hole  and that led me into another one, which was the.

15 conspiracies surrounding the Royal family. And so that is what today's episode is going to be discussing. So we will touch on the death of queen Elizabeth. There's really not much information to discuss there yet. There hasn't been anything that's come out, but we will touch on that. And then we will move almost immediately.

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Appreciate you so much. Head over to red pill, revolution dot sub stack.com. Go ahead and join the subst stack, which you can also do directly. Other website, red pill, revolution dot C O again. Thank you so much for listening and I hope you enjoy the.

Welcome to red pill revolution. My name is Austin Adams, red pill revolution started out with me realizing everything that I knew, everything that I believed, everything I interpreted about my life is through the lens of the information I was spoon fed as a. Religion politics, history, conspiracies, Hollywood, medicine, money, food, all of it, everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those in power.

Now I'm on a mission, a mission to retrain and reeducate myself to find the true reality of what is. That curtain and I'm taking your ass with me. Welcome to the revolution.

Hello and welcome to red pill revolution, episode number 42. I appreciate you so much. As I've already told you, we are going to dive right into it. Queen Elizabeth. The second has passed away at the age of 90. Now  she is the longest standing queen in history of having a reign of almost 70 years, or I believe just hit 70 years.

Um, so it says that she celebrated her platinum Jubilee. I don't exactly know what that is. Kind of sounds like a, I don't know, a nineties. Or maybe even an eighties punk rock band, but she celebrated her platinum Jubilee  and then passed on. It also says that she recently, uh, accepted the resignation of Boris Johnson about a week ago and the outgoing prime minister, uh, and involved invited Liz trust to form a new government.

I don't know what that means to form a new government. That seems like quite the extreme. You know, thing to say, just, you know, go ahead and just form yourself a new government real quick for us.  one thing that's come out of this, um, is that a lot of people are finding out that there's like these, uh, realms.

I think they call them. I don't know. I don't, I don't know much about this, uh, structure, but apparently, uh, there was been some articles that have been coming out that basically says that anything that they basically, they own. All of Australia, they own like the Commonwealth, I guess the Commonwealth realms.

Um, it's an interesting conversation to bring up there. I don't know enough about it to really dive into it, but it seems like they own a, a lot of the countries, including Canada. As being a part of just,  we obviously knew that part of the, Royal governance, but to the extent is kind of weird to see how, how far their,  their hands reach into other other governments.

Um, but anyways, that led me immediately down in the rabbit hole because to the right of this article by vice, there was another article. Which I obviously had to click on and it said QAN on, is losing it over the Queen's death. So QAN is losing it over the Queen's death. Interesting. So let's read what they have to say about that.

It says despite spending years claiming she already had been executed QAN on Thursday, openly celebrated the news of queen Elizabeth's death, Macy burn in Hal for Eter. One QAN on account on telegram wrote moments after the Queen's death was announced so happy. The evil witch is dead. Another wrote for years, the queen has been a central figure in the QAN conspiracy as part of a cast of elites who followers believe are operating a child's sex trafficking ring that traverses the globe.

Ooh, conspiracy where I don't know, maybe a Royal family member like her son. Was found on Epstein's island and holding a underage girl in a picture with him in several occasions. Mm. What a weird QAN on conspiracy that the Royal family would have anything to do with child sex trafficking rings. How, what, how did they even have that in this article here that they're even questioning that that's, without a doubt, factual prince Andrew.

Was found to be on the flight logs was found to have pictures with Virginia gaff who was being, uh, interviewed, um, during the GLA Maxwell trials was one of the only people to be interviewed. And there's literally pictures of him with his arm around her. So 100% the Royal family in one shape, way, shape or form, whether it's just prince Andrew or in, it goes deeper than that, um, was absolutely a part of a international child sex trafficking ring.

Indisputable. We know that for a fact. And we also. Sorry about the timing on this, but the queen covered for him. The queen basically like told him to hide away as a result of all of this. And, and there was, there's been nothing brought against him as a result. Why? Because he's a part of the Royal family.

So the fact that they're even bringing that up here, completely tone deaf to the idea that court documents revealed that prince Andrew was there. Oh, and by the way, the same Virginia guff that he paid off in a, a court settlement and you probably need to look that up. I'm fairly positive. Prince Andrew paid.

Off in a settlement. Um, just like several others. I believe I, I may be mistaken on that. So, uh, completely speculative. Don't take my word for gospel, but I believe in that case, uh, prince Andrew did pay off Virginia guff in a court settlement. Um, so anyways, this article continues to go on. And says that in the hours before her death, some referenced, uh, in the hours before her death, some reference wild Q Andon, conspiracies about the queen participating in satanic rituals and drinking the blood of children.

They're preparing the black mass and baby buffet, buffet, buffet.  like just a small Warren buffet laying on the table, a baby buffet. As we sit here adding, I think you'll find she's already gone, which I guess there's another conspiracy that she had already. Killed for something executed or something crazy like that.

I don't know. Now, obviously they're correct. Absolutely. About the Royal family, even if it's just prince Andrew, having some relation to Epstein and this international child sex trafficking ring, we know that factual 100%. But it goes at another echo, the statement or the sentiment that the queen has been now, obviously they probably found the most ridiculous statements that they could find for clickbait here.

So, you know, I'm sure there's some wild accounts saying some wild things. Uh, but anyways, it goes on to say that on the great awakening, a Q and on-message board users have shared similar conspiracies. She died several months ago. Remember she went through a transition or whatever that was the embalming process.

CGI body doubles are in. It's funny how the QAN on stuff. They like, everything's so factual. And it's like almost in like a expedited military way of saying things like  it says that others push for the even more fantastical claim that the queen was merely a computer generated image. A conspiracy that QAN on has also pushed about president Joe Biden since he took office last year.

Yeah. Kind of a wild one. Um, she has been CGI for a while now. Wonder why it is being announced. Now one telegram user wrote over a Q and on message board. Well, another user wrote that about a picture release last week of the queen shaking hands with the newly elected prime minister, Liz trust. That old lady doesn't even look like the queen.

LOL. Now there's been conversations like that about Joe Biden, because there's so many weird pictures. And I don't know if they're doctored, but all can find them. There's all these pictures out there of Joe Biden with different ear lobes. There's one variation of. Joe Biden, who has ear lobes that are connected.

And one variation of Joe Biden where his ear lobes are not connected. Now, I don't know what to make of that, but there is some very interesting C videos and documents that you can go read on where they show these like body double suits. Now again that doesn't have to be that Joe Biden's dead and he's the CGI.

It could be that maybe there was a high profile situation and there was some type of threats and maybe they do a Bodi get body double with a mask. But I would hope if there was a real Joe Biden body double, and they were bringing somebody on that, that individual would at least be able to complete a sentence.

Hmm, maybe just a thought , uh, but uh, you know, you, you think that they could do better with then maybe they could do a, a, a mind double two and just put somebody else in there that can finish a sentence and at least give us a glimpse of hope because we know he's not making any real decisions. Anyways.

All right, moving forward. It says a number, another member of the forum said maybe that's the cleaning woman  but that isn't the woman who has been playing the queen. The queen has been a central figure in the Q nine conspiracy for the very beginning on November 5th, 2017 a week after the first Q drop was posted on four Chan, the anonymous author of the Q drops reference to the Mon.

Saying who is the queen of England? How long in power with power comes corruption. What happened to Diana now? That's one. Conspiracy is the princess Diana conspiracy. It's like something to do with the roads that she died on. Um, the, the vehicle, like there's all these weird little, uh, weird little, um, References and like the, the road that she died on the, something about the moon.

I don't know. We we'll probably see something on it in this episode, cuz I have a few different articles up that are talking about these things. So, um, it says that the. It goes on to say what happened to Diana? They author wrote going on to call her evil, corrupt, and a part of a secret society. The queen next surfaced with the Q Andon world in 2019, then members of the conspiracy movement claimed that the queen was ex executed following a military tribunal because she had princess Diana murdered after Diana learned of a black male scheme involving convicted pedophile, Jeffrey EP.

Wow. When did princess Diana die? That's a good question, right? Like that would be pretty wild to like, if there was, I mean, I guess he was doing that for a fairly long time. Um, when did,

let's see if we can find this out here. 25 years ago. So 1997. So that would be pretty much in line with how long Jeffrey Epstein has been doing this. Um, so I mean the, the whole blackmail idea with Jeffrey Epstein is not a new idea. It's not this like crazy, crazy off the wall conspiracy. There was all these talks about thousands of videotapes that they took from Epstein island, right.

There was all of these talks about all of the. That they took. And why would you be doing that? Why, why in the first place are you peddling, children to elites with lots of money, you know, for money you could say for one thing, obviously, but also because you're just as sick and individual for two things.

And for three things, you know, you're not going that long for 25 years, doing such a horrific thing to high profile people without being tracked, or at least utilized by the FBI or some type of agency, I would maybe. I don't know. So it goes on to say that the queen next surfaced with the QAN in 2019. Oh, we just read that bad news from the Zier corners of QAN on queen Elizabeth II is dead.

This was written by Travis view on Twitter. Naturally, the queen was executed following a military tribunal because she had Diana killed after Diana learned of Stein's blackmail scheme. And then it has these pictures, uh, showing these like Q Andon account.  it goes on to say that QAN aha. Also pushed aspects of an older conspiracy theory about the ANOC or reptiles

Wow. This article's getting in there. The, in the, in, if you don't know, that is like, kind of this idea behind like the, the ums. Well anyway, so let's read it. I'll I'll, we'll walk into it. Um, so it says, the end in NAIA is basically like this like secondary species that came here back in like the times of the pyramids or even before, and were the reason that we were given technology and these types of things.

And, um, they're this like reptilian, uh, creature that's sentient and intelligent and has some type of like special powers. So, um, so that's, that's your synopsis of the N NAOC. I'm sure there's much more to it than that. Um, it says these supposed reptiles, including George Bush, Harry Kissinger, former president bill Clinton and former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, Bob hope and queen Elizabeth a claim many within the QAN I community referenced in comments on Thursday, not much longer for queen lizard.

So let's move on from this, although it is, I guess we got a couple little, little spots left here, so it says let's go, it's all in the plan. Be ready. That's that's another thing about the QAN on stuff that like, it just, just, it's so hard to, to not mock when they're like, oh, this is the time. This is when it's all gonna happen.

You know, I get it. There's been some crazy stuff going on and, and Trump's, uh, wild caricature of himself is like, Pretty pretty interesting. And it seems like there has to be some deeper thing going on, but to keep waiting, like, you know, the Trump and Jesus are working together to unite the world against, you know, it's, it's, it's a very far reaching movement to say the least.

Uh, so. Um, it says 10 days of like, I, I'm not even gonna give that the time of day, but it's, it's pretty wild stuff. Now. There is very much legitimacy to several of these theories, including princess Diana, including the, uh, Epstein. Obviously that's a hundred percent factual. Um, and the in AOC is like a very interesting conversation historically and conspiracy world.

So maybe that's, that's a deeper dive, a whole episode into what the OCIA is. Um, but let's go ahead and read. Next part, which goes on to talk about the most bizarre Royal family conspiracy theories. All right. Starting with number. One here, which is going to be that Megan Markle is a us sleeper spy. After Paul beany appeared on the tonight show and told Jimmy Fallon his theory that Megan Markle was a us sleeper spy, the internet just hasn't been able to let it go.

According to vanity fair. The actor said back in 2018, that I think Meghan Markle might be a sleeper agent for the us government, the dad doing the photos thing. It's like a false flag event. I think the CIA's involved everybody. I think Pierce Morgan's involved.  Pierce two. It can't be says the article  the, the rumor is still going around the internet with fans of the Duchess, taking some things a step further after twitchy editor, Greg Pollitt.

Suggested Archie could go on to be the president of the United States. Now that would not be that, uh, very far from some of the truths here, because there's another deeper conspiracy here that there's this Royal bloodline of families. Now that's not too farfetched. When you understand that the queen was married to her cousin.

her cousin. Right. And there's this whole idea behind keeping their bloodline pure, which is why there's so many incestuous relationships within the Royal family. Right. So that's the, the whole idea behind that. And then you start to bring in things like, uh, you know, the, um, So, so what basically, what it goes on to say here is that prince Harry's kids will be Americans.

So, okay. Let me go back to that last thought. So there's basically 42 of 46 presidents, allegedly have some type of connection to each other in their bloodlines. Like if you go back a few little ways on the, the. Uh, tree, uh, the family tree of Barack Obama. You will find George Bush on there. Allegedly you will also find basically almost every president ever like 42 presidents.

Allegedly, according to this family tree document that was created is related in one way, shape or form. Now I have not verified it by going in.  creating my own ancestry tree. Uh, but it's a very interesting theory. So that's where that whole idea comes into play, where, you know, uh, what is it, Archie is the name of their child is going to eventually become the president because it would work into that bloodline relation, uh, in the, the whole Royal bloodline way of doing it, which is, you know, putting people into power who have these, these certain traits who are a part of certain families that has been going on for a very long.

Allegedly . Um, now let's move on to the next one, which is that the Royals are extraterrestrial shape shifting Illuminati, reptiles  it says the infamous conspiracy theorist, David Ike has long believed and talked up his Illuminati theory that the world is ruled by a secret society made up of the Royals and political and business leaders.

Could not be closer to the truth. Honestly, that's the truth is there is absolutely secret societies. There always has been. You go back and you look at, uh, you know, the, um, the time our, our country was founded, it was founded by free masons. 100% founded by free masons, right. And in the Illuminati was a branch off of the free masons and, and the free masons were a branch off of the Knights of Templar.

So there's absolutely powerful groups of people that have existed for hundreds of. You cannot argue against that. That has always been going on. There has always been secret societies since the, at least the Knight of Templar. And even prior to that, I believe there was a, a, the Knight of Templar came. Um, there's a whole kind of splitting branch down in historically.

Um, but I believe the Knight of Templar was one of the very, very first ones that started and branched into free masonry even later, which is pretty wild. Um, so there, there is absolutely Royal. Families that are a part of these things like Bohemian Grove and you know, which Alex Jones exposed completely.

He did a whole documentary on it, right. He went in and like snuck into Bohemian Grove, which is all these weird multi-billionaire corporate owners and political elites. And, um, like presidents that have, have signatures of them being on this weird little boy scout camp where they light this owl, which is allegedly a effigy, some type of like S.

This like, uh, you know, straw owl, not a real owl. Um, but it used to be based on some type of, uh, ritualistic way of, of burning some type of being. Um, so that is absolutely truth and factual that has also been. Uh, bench proven should be true with Bohemian and Grove. So backed up. This is not that crazy. Like it sounds so wild when you condense it to a sentence, but then you break these things down and you look at the groups and the societies that have been around for hundreds of thou, like hundreds and thousands of years.

Separate words. Um, it's, it's very factually correct. In this case. Now the part about extraterrestrial shape, shifting Illuminati reptiles, I'm not 100% on , but, but the, uh, you know, um, the social groups that are made up of the most powerful people in the world is absolutely a thing. David. I goes on to say that he has proof to back it up.

I haven't travel or I have traveled and been to 50 countries and researched it. He once said in an interview, it took the form of meeting people who tell of experiences of seeing people often in positions of power change from human form to reptilian form and back again in front of their eyes. Now, uh, also there's been whispers of some document, uh, that was, or, uh, uh, I don't remember if it was like an email or, or some letter that was found, uh, from princess Diana surround.

That was kind of like played down, I believe. And then to, to go on the backs of the whole weird reptilian alien Illuminati thing. We we'll get on that in a second. Um, there's a CIA document talking about the consistent views of these reptilian beings, um, where they explain that they take over human bodies from CIA documents, from remote viewing, which we've done a whole episode on remote viewing in these CIA documents.

um, we'll actually look at that in just a moment. So it goes on to say that I have traveled, uh, we just talked about that the hybrids became Demi gods. Um, so it says that these people are basically taken over by these like shadowy reptilian spirits.  it says that they're often in positions of power change from human form reptilian form, and back again in front of their eyes, the hybrids became demigods part human part, God.

They were obviously perceived as gods. The hybrid bloodlines were the ones that became the Royal families of the. In Chinese empires, they claim the right to be emperor because they have descended from serpent gods. It is all founded on the myth of dragon and they all came from the reptilian connection to justify the right to rule.

He goes on to explain the obsession of interbreeding among Royals and marrying someone close to the family to hold the genetic structure, which we talked about before. Also thinking about the fact that queen Elizabeth and prince Phillip are second cousins right now, the article asks . Yes. Yes. We are thinking that, um, look at the ancient texts and in the Bible, he said, do you really think that the snake in the garden of Eden was really a snake?

According to the guardian around 12 million people in the United States also believe that inter stellar lizards in people suits actually rule the country. That's quite a bit of people . Now let's go ahead and look at this remote viewing document from the CIA, because I find this to be quite. Interesting correlations.

So remote viewing, if you need the synopsis of the remote viewing, basically the CIA had a program where they were having people who claim to be psychic, sit in a room alone and find themselves beaming their consciousness to different times. Spaces in, in places within the world, in the multiverse. Okay.

Now they successfully completed many missions. They, they found, uh, military weapons with this program in, in, it was basically, uh, created and then shut down and built under a different name and then created and then shut down and then built under a different name. Um, but this is a very real thing that the CIA port.

So much money into it that they found results and they ran with it. Okay. Um, now one, this is basically notes from one of the remote viewing sessions and they had it happen so consistently, um, that they decided to actually put this in here. Um, so they say there's a picture of a lizard. Now they're doing these like remote viewing sessions and they have pictures of like kimonos.

Uh, this isn't the one that I'm looking. . Hmm. So this was a different remote viewing session where they had that, but, okay. So there's the different document. Let's see if I can find it here. CIA, remote viewing, uh, lizard. There's like this, it sounds so wild, but when it's just a weird correlation, right? If, if, if nothing else

Um, so let's see if we can find this, cuz I, I, it's a very interesting, uh, interesting correlation between this and the. Royal family. Um, so gimme a second here, but while I'm doing that, let's go ahead and pull this article up. It's it's it's basically David Ike is the one that they were just talking about.

And here is the interview that they were discussing there. It was in 2000 that I first discovered David Ike's book. The biggest secret. In it, he writes about a global conspiracy, a hidden hand, manipulating human's destiny through the shadows, using those who seem to be in power and the goal of these shadow people, nothing less than an Orwellian global super state with total control at the hands of an ancient reptilian shape shifting race.

So we took a ferry to the is of white to spend the day with David Ike, Britain's leading conspiracy evangelist, and the one man standing between us and total ENS. Hey. Ah, okay, Mr. Right. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Good trip. Yes. Yes. It was welcome to my bode. There's not much to see, but I like it.

What have we got here? Well, this is, um, things that I've collected over the years. This is fantastic. Someone in, yeah. Someone in, um, uh, Hawaii. Actually painted this. This is what the painting is. This is the original of the front cover of my last book. Human rays. Get off your knees. The lion sleeps no more.

And, uh, I, I, I asked my great friend, uh, an artist called, um, Neil ha to paint this picture for me with particularly those eyes and that's humanity saying no more enough, no more little me. We are not. Anymore in 1991, David Ike didn't believe in secret shape shifting lizard fascist. He was a television celebrity after arthritis had ended a promising career in football, he'd become a broadcaster, but that all ended in one remarkable appearance on the Terry Wogan show.

David Ike in a turquoise tracksuit, he'd announced that he was the son of God and the world would be ending that year. It didn't and Ike seemed destined to disappear beneath the typhoon of public laughter. So you see, it's quite, it's quite funny. You know, 2000 years ago had a guy called Jesus, sat here and said these same things, you would still be laughing.

It's really, really funny that we've not really moved on that much. They're laughing at you. They're not laughing with you fine, but Ike wouldn't disappear. He began to write and over a series of increasingly successful books, he began to outline his pH. Humankind was not in charge of its destiny. It was the unwitting prisoner of a race of shape, shifting lizards who occupied the roles in the highest echelons of society from presidents to Royal families, all trusted public figures were secretly part of a reptilian STIs pedophile group who had been on this planet for centuries.

People began to take notice of Ike and today he spends most of his year preaching to amphitheater's full of. He's still making startling revelations. And recently he declared the moon to be a hollowed out planetoid space station from which our minds are controlled. The lizard's very own death star.

Don't mention the reptiles. Don't mention the rep reptiles. Yeah, because there, there were people when this started to come in, people who were kind of into my stuff, uh, up to that point, which was kind of. So let's break this down a little bit because it sounds quite wild as we talk about it, but let's start here.

The idea is that article of the, the, literally the, the pictures that he has drawn here is the pictures almost identical to the CIA remote viewing pictures of the shadow reptile person behind the actual person. Okay. Now let's break this down to three different ways. The first way being. Okay. The CIA talks about that being in the remote viewing sessions.

One doesn't mean that it's true, but means that it is interesting. Number two, the O our own government Congress has come out to say that there is absolutely UFO or UAP activity of outside entities that have technology that we do not have today. That's number two. Okay. Number three. There's absolutely a pedophile ring of elites that are out there.

And then you get deeper down that hole and start reading about adrenal Chrome, right. Using the, these, uh, you know, acts and things to, to do some type of ritualistic weirdness. Okay. So there's absolutely that. Okay. Three out of three. Okay. One being that there's absolutely EP. In the elite pedophile ring, two, being that there is absolutely Congress approved UFOs and UAPs three, being that there is absolutely absolutely without a doubt.

Without a doubt. There is CIA documents still on the freedom of information act today on the CIO's own website, showing these reptilian people. Okay. 3, 4, 3 on some type of realistic corroboration between those three little aspects, which are very interesting.  okay. So absolutely absolutely a conversation to be had and they just try to make this guy look loony, but let's go ahead and continue.

by, well, it's a bit strange, cause it was all the way the war was manipulated by a few people, but it was all kind of regular stuff. Um, and then I, I came across with this stuff and it just get it outta the way or don't mention the reptiles. They'll they'll they'll just laugh at you again. I said, I know, but I've seen enough and heard enough to believe that it's real.

And so I say it, I don't care about the consequences for me. I, they are you frightened? I'm not, I don't care cuz the consequences for the world and my children and my grandchildren and everyone else's. Oh, and by the way, when they caught that pedophile, the one who ran the entire pedophile ring of the Hollywood elites.

Oh yeah. He killed himself allegedly inside of his cell, allegedly where all of the video footage allegedly was gone. If you don't think that Epstein sitting on an island somewhere with his reptilian body suit, drinking pina coladas,  maybe not the second part, but the likelihood that that man is still alive and escaped, right.

Or. Escaped, right. He absolutely wasn't suicided by some random steroid without guy who was an ex-cop. No, absolutely not. What happened? No way. Epstein didn't kill himself to this day. So just wanted to mention, in case you forgot that point, the one who was running that whole pedophile trafficking ring of Hollywood and political elites, including the Royal family.

Allegedly died with no video evidence in a cell that was being washed by security in a maximum security prison. Oh. And by the way, the video footage is gone of, of humans not intervening in this process. That's going on now ever more quickly.  or that we are condemning our children and grandchildren indeed.

Ourselves. It's that close to, to a, uh, a world that George Allwell so massively understated. Can we have a look at the where, where the, where the work gets done? Yeah. Where, where, like everything all happens. This is, um, This is where it, it all hang, it happens. And as you can see, it's really small. It is really small.

Um, because you know, I look at my life and, and I, I don't see my life as a life anymore. I haven't for a while. I see it as a job. So this is the new one. Yeah. This is the, this is, this is the German version, isn't it? Because the size of it is yeah, 350,000 words that in one book is the scale of information that has come into my life about these things.

See, that is not a theory. That is evidence supporting the effect. What was like the first book that really struck you? Because I know there was a couple for me, but I, are you familiar with Robert, Anton Wilson and yeah, and I just liked it because it was funny and it tied a lot of points of interest together and he sort of pointed me in different directions, even though he wasn't really a.

Conspiracy theorist trying to say anything. He just, he tied, he, he, he put things together. I never saw, you know, he he'd connect dots that had never occurred to me, which turned me to like, holy blood, holy grail. And some of these other that, I mean, that's that, that you've just hit the nail right on the head of my work and what you need to do to understand what's going on.

Connect the dots. See there, there are dots. Pretty sure. We just connected a few of our own dots here, but let's see what dots they connect.  like banking go. All these different things, nine 11, um, which in and of themselves are interesting. And you can see that something's not right, but when you connect the dots between apparently unconnected people and, and situations and organizations, that's when the tapestry appears and you go, whoa.

So that's what's happening. David had told us that his first moment of enlightenment had occurred when a voice entered his head while shopping with his son on the. This is the news agent I told you about where basically it all started. I was walking along here and I walked in this door and turned, all right, that's enough.

But if I can get David Ike on this podcast, that would be incredible. If you know him, let me know happy to have a conversation with the guy. It is quite, quite the interesting, uh, discussion there, but three for three on some type of corroboration between those three things, aliens, pedophile elites, O and.

You know, Jeffrey Epstein and UFOs. Right? All, all of those things could, you know, are different little strings that we have 100% known for a fact is true. Every single one of them.  anyways, there's one of them.  the next thing that we're gonna do. But before we do that, the first thing I needed to do is go ahead and hit that subscribe button.

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That's kind of somewhat intertwined into this and we'll get to that and even, uh, just a second here. So the next one on this list is that. The, um, we just talked about that one. The very next one is that queen Elizabeth, the first was actually a farmboy and named Neville. Eh, not that interested in that one, but there is another one that is that prince Charles Prince Charles, the king.

Now who took over the quote, the throne. Prince Charles  the king who took over the throne from queen Elizabeth has himself said that he is a descendant of Vlad, the imp inhaler. Okay. Vlad. The impor was a ruler in the 14. I believe 1470s. I have the article up here. Let's go ahead and read a little bit about VD the Impaler.

So prince Charles. King now took over the throne of the most powerful entity in the world. The Royal family. Now the king of everything, basically, including Canada, uh, said that he's related to VLA DKU and VLA Dula was also known as Vlad, the impor, which was a ruler during the 14 hundreds. Okay. So says in this article written by all that is interest.

Or all that's interesting, the terrifying, true story of lad, the impair histories, real Dracula. But before we do that, let's go ahead and just verify mine claim. And here is prince Charles himself saying that he is related to him at the very end of this video. My journey will take me through the foothills where ancient villages survive, practically unchanged, despite Romania's stamped towards modernization.

Romania being modern day Sylvania, actually, which apparently is a real thing. So here, here he is discussing this with prince Charles and he says that he's related to him in like, almost this like weird little, Ooh, like telling him something like he's, he's cool for it. So here it is. Ancient of Carpe is medieval villages and his Royal Highness prince Charles, who can trace his ancestry back to Romania's dark and distant past.

The genealogy shows that I descended from Vladis. So, how do you have a bit of a stake in the country as it were? The genealogy shows that I'm. Somewhat related to VLA the empower,

like how creepy does he sound? And like, he's like just shoving it in your face that he's married to this, like literally comparable to like gang con. Right. Which I guess most people are related to gang con like a vast present like's. 20% of people are some way shape or form related to gang is con uh, but not VLA the Impaler in anybody who does, uh, probably doesn't say it that creepy, but VLA, the Impaler, if you didn't know, was basically who was based off of, or the, the novel Dracula was based off of.

So it says in this article responsible for killing 80,000 people in impaling 20,000 Vlad, Dracula committed some of the world's Grizzlies as ruler in the 15th century. In 1897 writer, Bram Stoker published the novel Dracula, the classic story of the vampire named counter Dracula, who feeds on human blood, hunting his victims and killing them in the dead of night.

The counter Dracula in the book, which contemporary critics described as the most blood curdling novel of the century was Stoker's own creation. But many believe the blood thirsty villain was partly inspired by Vlad the inhaler, the terrifying ruler of Wach. Part of present day Romania in the mid 14 hundreds Vlad, the third earned his fearsome nickname from impaling more than 20,000 people and killing as many as 60,000 others during his bloody reign, he was even said to dine among his impaled enemies and dip his bread in their blood.

Now that's not just. Said to be. There's literally like F factual depictions of him doing so in paintings that were done of him, literally feasting at a table with all of these dead people around him and having a, a cup or a Golet full of their blood that he was drinking. And, and the people were like very, uh, disgusted by this, but there's actually like artists who sat and painted these scenes from my understanding of, of.

Uh, actually happening. So it says that because of the historical record is so often spotty, when it comes to the story of led the impor, uh, we know only that he has here, he was born between 1920 or fourteen, twenty eight and 1431, a three time, uh, or, or a time of unrest in will. Walachia what the hell?

Walachia what kind of name is that? His mother, the queen came from Mulian Royal family and his father was Vlad II Jaco, a surname that translates to dragon. Hmm. Very interesting comparison there between that last article that we read and was given to, uh, to Vlad the, the second after his induction into a Christian crusading order known as the order of the dragon.

Interesting young Vlad had two brothers Marcia and redu due to Wachs proximity to the waring factions of Christian ruled Europe in the Muslim ruled Ottoman empire. Draco's territory was the site of constant turmoil in 1442. The Ottomans called for a diplomatic meeting and invited Vlad. Dr. Cool. He saw an opportunity to educate his young sons in the art of diplomacy.

So he brought VLA to the third and redo with. But JCU. And his two sons were captured and held hostage by the Ottoman diplomats. Instead, the captures told him that he would be released, but he had to leave his sons JCU believing that it was the safest option for his family. Agreed. Fortunately for VLA II and his brother during their time as hostages, the two princes received lessons in science philosophy and the art of war.

It's an interesting way to treat. Enemy. However things were far worse, back home, a coup orchestrated by local war Lords, known as the Bayo over through Jaco in 1447, he was killed in the swamps behind his home while his oldest son was tortured, blinded and beared alive. Wow. That's horrible. V glad the third was freed soon after his family's death.

And at the time he began to use the name VLA D. Meaning son of the dragon when he returned to Walachia, he transformed into a violent ruler soon, earning his moniker, VLA the inhaler in disturbing fashion. Uh, now this is going on to show the images of what I was talking about. Um, the actual drawings that were made, and there's like a bunch of people up on stakes and him sitting there at a table with a goblet with, uh, bread and meat, um, and all of these people with their.

Arms and extremities being severed from their bodies. So there's that, um, it says here, this is going on about the, how glad the Impaler took power and embraced brutality. It says in 1448, FLA returned to Walachia to take back the throne. The man who had taken his father from the man who had taken his father's place, he succeeded, but after just a few months, the disposed Vladislav returned and took back the.

But in 1456, Vlad returned with an enemy or with an army and support for Hungary and was able to take the throne from Vladislav for a second time. Legend has it that Vlad personally beheaded his rival Vladislav on the battlefield. And once he was back on his father's throne, again, his reign of terror truly.

Began some historians believe his family's horrific deaths were that what turned of VLA? The third into Vlad techies, the original Romanian for Vlad, the impor some accounts state that VLA was subjected to beatings and torture during his imprisonment during the, under the Ottomans, which may also be where he learned the tradition of impaling enemies.

Soon after he took his throne back flat had enemies of his own to deal with some of the Walachia considered Vladislav. The second, a better leader, which caused uprisings in villages across the region. The returning Monarch knew he had to assert his dominance over the people. So he decided to host a banquet and invite his opposition.

It didn't take long before the festivities turned bloody Vlad's dissenting guests were stabbed to death and their still twitching bodies were impaled on spike. And from there Vlad's violent reputation only continued to grow as he defended his throne and devastated his enemies time and time again, via the grizzly methods imaginable.

Wow. So. Quite quite the guy, this is a fairly long article, but it's definitely worth the read. It goes into more about Vladi and Paylor, it talks about, uh, basically what his reign was was after that. Um, so let's, let's read a little bit more of this then we'll move on to one of the last ones here, but there is an interesting, uh, theme here between snakes and dragons and reptilian people and blood and, uh, you know, Royal families.

VLA the impor was an undeniable brutal, undeniably brutal ruler. Nevertheless, much of Christian Europe supported his strong, uh, if Mac Abra defense of Walachia from various incursions, from Muslim Ottoman forces. In fact, even Pope P expressed admiration for the notoriously violent rulers, military feats, a threat to Europe was deemed a threat to Kristen dome and therefore the.

Though the real Dula bought some stability and protection to a vulnerable region. VLA. The third was still seemingly, uh, relishing in his own brutality during one of his successful campaigns against the Ottomans in Turks in 1462, Vlad wrote the following to one of his allies. He says I have killed peasants men and women old and young who lived and were the, uh, so there's just these names here.

So lived at Olu SITA. So it's O B L U C I T Z a and N O V O S E L O U. Pronounce it. Then tell me I'm doing a bad job and we can talk from there.  cause I don't know who is pronouncing those correctly where the Deba flows. Sea. He, we killed 23,884 Turks without counting those whom we burned in homes or the Turks whose heads were cut by our soldiers.

Thus your Highness. You must know that I have broken the peace. The Turks gave him nickname, Kaza, clue bay, meaning impaling prince. So quite, quite the interesting thing to boast about that you're, uh, you know, a ruler of a now the king of the throne, right? The, the king of England is bragging that he's related to a vicious, bloody killer who alleged.

Drank the blood of his victims and went through a secret order that discussed dragons all while, you know, David Dyke is crazy for saying anything about the, uh, the, the race here . So it was just, you know, maybe some interesting, uh, strings to pull, not saying I believe any of this, but there's very some, there's some very bizarre correlations when you start to look into the valid validation of the moving parts in all of this, which we already kind of discuss.

right. So pretty, pretty bizarre. Um, and on that note, I had to do a quick episode for you guys talking about some of these things, because I find them to be extremely interesting correlations and intertwining of the conspiracy world, the historical world, and in many cases, CIA documents and you know, things that Congress is talking about.

Take that information and do with it as you please. But I would like you to know that there's some very interesting things going on here. All right. Now that is all we have for today. But again, I appreciate you so much. Thank you so much for listening. Um, God, or what do you say? Uh, you know, God bless the king.

Do we say king now? Or do we say queen? I don't know. God bless the reptilian family of incestuous people who protect pedophiles and could be controlled by interdimensional beings, according to some people. And on that note, have a great night guys. .

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