51 Positive Thinking Affirmations
7 min

In this episode we will be discussing Positive Thinking Affirmations and I'll give you 51 Affirmations to help you get started which you can use in your daily life.


Please also visit my website at: PositiveThinkingMind.com to read the entire post.

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Josie Ong Affirmations
309 Affirmations for Focus
Need to Keep Focused? Set yourself up for successful time management! Use these "Affirmations for Focus" The sister episode to this one is Episode 239 Affirmations for Productivity and Focus Want ad free versions? Go to AffirmationPod.com/Join SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly's AI-powered writing assistant. It works across multiple platforms including Gmail, Google Docs, Slack, LinkedIn and more. Grammarly doesn't just correct your mistakes. It helps you build up your skills as a writer! Get 20% OFF Grammarly Premium when you sign up at Grammarly.com/Affirmation WANT MORE EPISODES LIKE THIS ONE? Episode 248 Guided Affirmations to Structure Your Day Episode 27 Discipline (Calling All Procrastinators) Episode 24 Here You Are...Focused Episode 13 Time Management HERE'S WHAT LISTENERS ARE SAYING "To be successful, you need a confident mindset. So much of my confidence comes from listening to Josie's affirmations!" - Vivianne Brafmann "Josie changed my life! Love these affirmations so much. They made me more positive and less reactive." - Ferra Rossa “I listen to these while I'm brushing my teeth or getting a facial. She always drops some nuggets” – Gabrielle Union WANT THE AD FREE EXPERIENCE? Ready to combat negative thinking? Listen to ad free versions on the Affirmation Pod App! Available on the Apple and Google Play app stores. The app is where you can easily make your own favorites playlist, download to listen offline and a whole lot more! When you sign up for premium access, you also get over 50 bonus ad free episodes you won’t hear on the podcast. FAVORITE BONUS EPISODES INCLUDE Resilience Playlist Self-Love Bonus Playlist Changing the Stories You Make Up in Your Head I Can Handle This Slowing Down for Stillness Keeping the Past in the Past Download the app on the Apple and Google Play stores! RELATED LINKS Alexa Skill: AffirmationPod.com/Alexa Amazon App: AffirmationPod.com/AmazonApp Amazon Music: AffirmationPod.com/AmazonMusic App: AffirmationPodAccess.com App FAQs: AffirmationPod.com/FAQs Contact: AffirmationPod.com/Contact Facebook Group: AffirmationPod.com/FacebookGroup Facebook Page: AffirmationPod.com/FacebookPage Google Play App: AffirmationPod.com/GoogleApp Instagram: AffirmationPod.com/Instagram iOS App: AffirmationPod.com/iOSApp Kids Version: AffirmationPod.com/Kids Patreon: AffirmationPod.com/Patreon Pinterest: AffirmationPod.com/Pinterest Portuguese Version: AffirmationPod.com/Portuguese Premium on Affirmation Pod App: AffirmationPodPremium.com Premium on Podcast Listening Apps*: AffirmationPod.com/Pods Request an Episode: AffirmationPod.com/Requests Self-Care Worksheet: AffirmationPod.com/SelfCare Sponsors: AffirmationPod.com/Sponsors Spotify Playlists: AffirmationPod.com/Playlists Stress Management Worksheet: AffirmationPod.com/Stress Supercast AffirmationPod.com/Supercast Tip Jar: AffirmationPod.com/TipJar Twitter: AffirmationPod.com/Twitter YouTube: AffirmationPod.com/YouTube Web Version of App: AffirmationPod.Libsyn.com Website: AffirmationPod.com Thanks for listening to Affirmation Pod today! How can I improve Affirmation Pod for you? Let me know at AffirmationPod.com/Better Now go be you, know you and love you! Josie ❤️🙏🏻✨ Find the App on Apple and Google Play
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