Plan With Dan
Plan With Dan
Sep 19, 2019
How Does Flying Relate to Retirement Planning?
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You don’t need to be understand the basics behind flying but you’ll need some guidance from a professional to grasp the finer points and nuances to the actual process. Believe it or not, there are a number of parallels between flying and retirement planning and that’s what we plan to tackle on this episode.

Today's rundown:

0:29 – What’s on today’s show.

1:01 – Dan has some news to share about the podcast.   

2:02 – In the News: Trend in the wedding industry where couples are taking out loans for their ceremony.

3:00 – There’s really no correlation between a wonderful ceremony and the amount you spend on it.

6:13 – Introducing the main topic of flying and retirement.

7:01 – The first you do before you fly is you have a flight plan.   

9:44 – Sometimes you have to deal with turbulence along the way.

14:49 – There are times when you need assistance. When you aren’t sure what’s ahead or you just need some navigation help.

18:46 – Getting to know Dan: What job would you be terrible at?

22:44 – Mailbag question: I’m retiring in six months and worried about whether we’ll have a market crash before I get to the finish line. Will I be okay for the next six months?

Get the full show notes and additional resources by clicking here. 

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