Zahwa Islami, M. Psi : Triggers of conflict between parents and adolescents | Raising Parents #31
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Welcome to a profound exploration of the intricate dance between parents and adolescents in this episode. As families traverse the transformative landscape of adolescence, conflicts become a pivotal part of the journey. This phase is a nexus of evolution, replete with physical, emotional, and cognitive shifts. Amidst these changes, parents and adolescents often find themselves at odds, grappling with contrasting perspectives, values, and priorities.

Adolescence, a chapter of profound growth and self-discovery, propels individuals toward autonomy. Yet, this journey towards independence frequently encounters the turbulence of conflict with parents. The tapestry of triggers is woven by psychological, social, and developmental threads, crafting tensions within the parent-child relationship.

However, these conflicts aren't adversaries to be feared; they are markers of development. The triggers, those sparks that ignite disagreement, offer insights into understanding and connection. By fostering open communication, mutual respect, and empathy, families can traverse this intricate phase while nurturing strong and supportive bonds.

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant welcomes Zahwa Islami, an accomplished Indonesian clinical psychologist specializing in family and relationship dynamics. With her wealth of experience, Zahwa brings valuable insights to the table. Currently engaged in the Executive Office of the President, within the Department of Health, Women Empowerment, and Child Protection, she offers a unique perspective on bridging gaps and fostering harmony.

Join us as we delve into this enlightening discourse. Brace yourself for an exploration of parent-adolescent dynamics that promises to enrich your understanding of this transformative phase. Tune in now to chart a course toward constructive connections amidst change.

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