#1 - CXG S1E1: Josh Just Happens to Live Here!
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Team West Covina: A Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Podcast #1 - CXG S1E1: Josh Just Happens to Live Here! **SPOILERS** possible from all CXG episodes that have aired. Discussion Questions from this episode (please share thoughts on Team West Covina social media or through private message!): - What in your life looked good on paper, or was something you thought you wanted, but turned out to be a disappointment or not what you expected? Did anything have the opposite impact – you thought it was going to be horrible but it worked out great? - How did the way your parents raised you affect the way you developed as a person? - How do you get ready for a special night? Is your experience similar to the “Sexy Gettin’ Ready Song” (regardless of whether you’re male, female, or genderless)? Poll Question on Team West Covina social media: - Which way do you generally see the world? a) “Only two hours from the beach!” b) “We’re four hours from the beach. Some people say two, but those people are dumb.” c) “I wish I could say we’re two hours from the beach, but realistically we’re three, sometimes four on a bad day.”

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Are you a Good Person? Donate to Team West Covina's Crowdfunding to help recoup the costs of a podcast! https://patron.podbean.com/teamwestcovina  Aww, thank you! Links: Inspiration for Sexy Getting Ready Song: Buttons (Pussycat Dolls featuring Snoop Dogg) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCLxJd1d84s

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