Livin’ Good Currency
Good Currency Studios Inc.
As evidenced in their own lives; inspiring and motivating news is usually bad news turned good. The hurdles, obstacles and setbacks that people have faced but used to fuel their passions and purpose are often where you find the gems. Welcome to Livin’ Good Currency where our hosts Tony and Tobias converse with some of the most inspiring and insightful people in the world on how they discovered their purpose, pursued their passions and overcame a myriad of obstacles Our hosts are living examples of this. Tobias Tubbs who was given a double life sentence without the possibility of parole for a crime he didn’t commit, intentionally chose to serve those 28 years as an opportunity to be a light where darkness otherwise prevailed. He became an expert in mindfulness, conflict resolution, art/gardening, spirituality, philosophy, and natural healing arts to positively impact the lives of thousands of young men and women. Tony Samadani seemingly came from the other side of that coin as an entertainment lawyer. When he was struck with a debilitating disease and health scare, Tony needed to discover a path back to health. This process allowed him to go on to inspire many lives in rediscovering their own health and living a life of purpose. One fateful day brought these two worlds together. New episodes every Monday. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts. Subscribe, rate, and review if you enjoy it. Livin’ Good Currency is more than a podcast name, it’s a philosophy our hosts are living by and in each day: “Do Good, Earn Good.”
Livin’ Good Currency
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