Am I Codependent? Signs, Symptoms & the Cure with Makia Smith Thomas
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"Codependent" is not a "bad word." It would do everyone good to look into it a little bit.

Makia and I believe everyone is at least a little bit codependent, but most of us don't know what it really means.

If you have a hard time making decisions, find it hard to identify emotions, caretake for everyone, have trouble setting boundaries... congratulations, you're what the patriarchal culture calls, "A good woman." (if you're a woman). Here's something: these are actually signs of codependency, and you can break free!

Listen in to find out if you've been duped like Makia and I have into being codpendent--and learn the fastest way to freedom.

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[0:00] Could I be codependent? Me?

[2:01] Is it empathy or codependency?

[4:29] Why ALL women (and men) need to know about codependency

[10:25] Lost & broken dreams, a prescription we all took

[13:53] Quiet patriarchal, codependent conditioning

[15:28] Signs of codependency

[18:44} Healing from codependency

[24:18] The power of I Am

[26:13] Why we don't know we're codependent

[27:22] Healing tools

[31:27] The Haute Goddess Blog 

[33:09] Empathy vs Codependency

About My Guest

Makia Smith Thomas aka The Haute Goddess knows no spiritual path is straight forward. She took many wrong turns along the way that used to fill her with shame and sadness. She now knows that none of it was in vain and is here to share her experiences. Makia does not consider herself an expert...just a woman who wants to share the many rich gifts and lessons that have worked for HER. After blogging for almost ten years, The Haute Goddess has encountered many amazing lessons and tools along the way that have been CRITICAL in her growth. Her brand and community provide a safe space for all women interested in connecting with others to support their journey.

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