The Power of ”Pussy” - Yours - with Coco Berlin
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Gasp! Yeah, that's the thing. Girls are taught to be ashamed of the very thing that brings human life into this world. We gotta stop that.

The most radiant, confident, and "able to set boundaries" women seem to be those who are not afraid of their own sexual anatomy. I'm no expert, but I have that anatomy and I wanted to learn a little. 

Let's de-charge this word, power ourselves up, and learn a little together.

[0:00] How to Claim Your Power

[2:12] Pussy Controversy

[5:03] What is Pussy Yoga & why women need it

[8:26] Coco's journey to finding her Pelvic Floor

[14:53] BONUS!! - the pelvic floor meditation is its own separate "episode" for the meditation

[15:32] LC's results from the bonus meditation

[15:40] Pussy Yoga for unifying consciousness

[16:54] The danger of kegels

[19:03] Benefits of pelvic floor integration (Pussy Yoga)

[22:04] This is not Kink Yoga

[23:22] Healing without overanalyzing & Epigenetics

[29:15] Connect with Coco

[30:21] Better Sex

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About My Guest 

Coco Berlin is a certified pelvic floor expert and the author of the bestselling book Pussy Yoga – Pelvic Floor Training for Radiance, Confidence and a Fulfilling Love Life. 

She is the founder of the Pelvic Floor Integration™ method, the SENSUOUS DANCE WORKOUT™, and the ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE™ programs. Her work enables women to reconnect to their body and to step into their power with confidence and ease. Not just about feeling sexy, Coco’s approach prioritizes women’s health. Check out Coco's home page and download her amazing 5-Minute Sensuous Dance Workout. It will instantly make you feel incredibly sensuous and confident in your body.

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