Bridging the Business Communication Gap
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It all started with the BIG question on the table.


What strategies can L&D professionals employ to enhance cross-departmental communication and put us on a more even playing field with the business?


This was a hot conversation - I think we all had some latent feelings about how we want and need to communicate with the business.


I'll repeat this in case you missed it. Many times we focus on having a "seat at the table," which is great, but we're focused on the wrong table. We're focused on the leadership table when we should be focused on being accepted at the lunch table with the middle managers and team supervisors.


This means shifting the way we communicate. We used the phrase "wimpy language" and while that may seem harsh - it can be true. The language we use to communicate can either make us equals to those at the table or make us "less than." Which would you rather be?


I love that in the chat, everyone started reframing the "wimpy language" we use as L&D professionals. Words like collaboration, cooperation, and teambuilding, can trigger some serious PTSD for managers who have been part of well-meaning initiatives only to be a waste of time.


This means that we need to reframe conversations. I hope you found some great examples in the conversation. Be sure to check out the “Verbal Toolkit” mentioned by David.



Stay Curious ~ Shannon


View the full Coffee Chat Video here

View the Transcript here here

Verbal Toolkit: Here



The Power of Talk: Who Gets Heard and Why by Deborah Tannen


Deborah Tannen on Cross Cultural Communications at Work


How L&D Can Become a Trusted Business Advisor with Jess Almlie




Bridge the Gap: Breakthrough Communication Tools to Transform Work Relationships From Challenging to Collaborative by Jennifer Edwards and Katie McCleary


Successful Business Communication: Bridging the Gap by Deborah Luchuk


10 Skills for Effective Business Communication: Practical Strategies from the World's Greatest Leaders by Jessica Higgins



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