Learning Rebels in 15: Debunking Learning Myths
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Your weekly double shot is “Debunking Learning Myths: What is Our Responsibility?”



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It all started with the question: How does Learning and Development (L&D) handle learning myths? Not about how to bust them but how to address them when they appear in the wild. When a colleague or manager states a myth as truth - now what? How can we handle this with grace and patience? Without making others feel inferior or stupid?


In this Learning Rebels in 15 we are hearing from:


Bob E.

Evelien V.

Maureen F.

Renee M.

John W.


Erica B.


As they discuss these main points:


Point #1: Understand that people don’t know what they don’t know. That goes for L&D professionals too.


Point #2: It’s tough to let go of sacred cows. We have to have conversations with grace, patience, and science!


Point #3: Experience can misinform. Just because we’ve done a thing, doesn’t mean we’ve done the thing correctly.


Point #4: Always start with data and research.


Point #5: Sometimes good design is the solution.


I’ll leave you with this thought:


Handling learning myths can be tricky and must be handled with care and sensitivity. Being condescending, patronizing, or just plain rude and mean doesn't get the results we need - it doesn't move the needle. What does move the needle is knowing our audience. Where are they in their career? Are they SMEs turned trainers? Are they new to the industry? Do they work alone and depend on tribal knowledge?  


Remember the words from the great Stephen Covey, “Seek for to Understand”. This is the only way to affect change.


Stay curious & take over the world!




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Host: Shannon Tipton

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