Learning from Failure
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How can we best treat failure as a positive aspect of life, rather a negative?

This was the question on the table as we discussed learning from failure.

This was an interesting chat – there were many directions to take, as people process failure in a variety of different ways. Some people go internal, and dig deep into themselves to consider what may have gone wrong that they can control, while others process failure as a data collection exercise.

Where do you fall on the continuum?

Two takeaways:

From Dickson – Sometimes we turn the “why not’ question into a way to find out “why NOT”. However, Dickson tells us that the adventure begins with why not. Sometimes “why not” is scary, and can most certainly be intimidating – but is take was treating “Why Not” as the beginning of a journey, and when doing so, you find some of the most remarkable things. So put your fear of failure to the side and treat it as an exercise in “why not”. 

From JD - "Be Kind to Yourself" Being self-aware that failure happens – EMBRACE the SUCK! Time tempers failure, be kind and realize that things happen. Surround yourself with positive people and environments. Failure is not the end-all be-all it’s part of the continuum of live. Stop putting pressure from yourself.


Let’s remember that failure is only bad if we treat it as something bad. Reframing how we think about failure will take our mental health to a place that is more managable. It’s not necessarily failure, but simply making a mistake and moving on.


Stay Curious! Shannon


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Host: Shannon Tipton

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