Becoming a Bikini Competitor. What to Expect and Whether it's Worth it, with PT Sophie Allen
1 hr 3 min

Today I chat with qualified personal trainer Soph Allen. Soph is an experienced coach specialising in female transformations. She founded Train With Soph, a health and fitness coaching platform and app that delivers custom training and nutrition programs, educational and mindset content for women. She’s also a social media personality, known for keeping it real on Instagram and YouTube.  

I’ve got Soph on today’s podcast to chat about her experiences with competing. I, like many others, have always considered doing a bikini or fitness competition, but never have. Soph has competed and is a wealth of knowledge on the subject. So today we talk about what competing is, the differences between the federations and divisions, why someone might want to compete, what goes into a comp prep, how peak week looks, what stage day looks like, why having abs isn’t actually healthy, the hardest parts about comp prep and the pro and cons of competing.

When listening to this episode just keep in mind that I think achieving the levels of leanness required for bikini/fitness competitions is not healthy for most and should only be done for a very short period of time under the guidance of multiple professionals. This episode is intended to be an unbiased discussion about Soph’s experiences with competing.

If you would like to learn more about Soph check out her Instagram and YouTube.

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Redefining Strength Fitness Hacks
Redefining Strength Fitness Hacks
Redefining Strength | Cori Lefkowith
FHP S2: E45 - Validating Our Own EXCUSES
Change requires change no matter how you look at it And often the changes we need the most? Well they're uncomfortable. Changes that make us uncomfortable don't feel sustainable. They feel so against everything we've been doing we find excuses not to make them. We even find ways to try to VALIDATE not doing them. We waste time putting up more mental barriers against the changes instead of just trying them, truly testing the changes by committing to them 100%, and seeing it as an experiment to gain a better understanding of our body. Often those uncomfortable changes are necessary to achieve a new and better result. Often those changes we least want to make, are the ones we need the most. And once we actually mentally GET ON BOARD with the changes? Once we stop trying to find reasons NOT to do it? Well we realize it isn't actually that hard after all. That NEW becomes habit. And amazingly sometimes we even think after awhile, "How was I not doing this before?! It is in our nature not to want to change. Change is uncomfortable. And we don't really like being uncomfortable. Plus, with change there is a fear of failure. That's why it's key we ADMIT why we truly don't want to make the change. We lower those mental barriers by RECOGNIZING them. We need to say to ourselves, "Ok I know this is going to be uncomfortable. I know I won't like it to start BUT I've got to take this risk and LEARN if I want a better outcome." By recognizing what holds us back from at least TRYING something new, we can then better move forward and commit 100% to the plan. Because if you don't test something new? If you keep doing what you've always done? You can't keep expecting things to turn out better. STOP trapping yourself in a hamster wheel working really hard without getting anywhere. You have the power at any time to step off that wheel by making an uncomfortable change. And once you do? You'll be amazed often how much BETTER things are and how that new lifestyle builds into something sustainable. We just often have to be willing to dive in and trust the process! * Recognize why you are resistant to the change. And remind yourself that change requires change. * Choose to recognize it as an experiment. * Don’t shut yourself in a bubble. Be willing to see the other side. * Recognize that you truly need to give something your 100% effort to know if it will or won’t work.
7 min
Real Life Weight Loss
Real Life Weight Loss
Corey Little
Most People Have This Backwards [Change It and Change Your Life]
For 20 years I’ve been teaching people how to lose weight. I teach them all about nutrition … all about exercise … all about how to make it practical and doable. You name it and over the past 20 years I’ve probably helped someone do it. I’ve learned a TON over two decades, but one huge thing just sticks out. It stands way above all of the other things I’ve learned. So what is it?  What is the #1 thing I’ve learned and noticed? Most people have it backwards.   More specifically - most people have ONE key element of this whole weight loss thing totally backwards. In this episode, I’m going to pull back the curtain and tell you what they get backwards and then it’s your choice.  Forewarning - you probably won’t agree at first. And that’s okay. That’s the reaction I normally get. But eventually … people who stick with it long enough will discover the truth of what I share. Or they just constantly chase their tail and continue pursuing weight loss in different versions of the same miserable way. Ready to get it right and change your life? Let's do it!   COREY LITTLE COACHING INSTAGRAM: (   COREY LITTLE COACHING FACEBOOK: (   COREY LITTLE COACHING ONLINE: (   HOW TO POST PODCAST REVIEW:   FREE CATALYST AUDIO PROGRAM: (
24 min
The Optimal Body
The Optimal Body
Jen Esquer & Dom Fraboni
55 | The LCK Method to Optimal Hormones, Health and Body Image
Have you ever struggled with gut health issues? What about hormone issues? Maybe even body image struggles? You are not alone. Learn from podcast guest, Laurie Christine King, Austin’s #1 personal trainer and nutritionist, as she opens up about her personal journey, what she’s learned and her recommendations to finally take control back of your own health and body. Listen towards the end to even hear from Doc Jen and Dr. Dom’s experience with some of these health struggles. Get 50% OFF the entire first year of The Optimal Body Membership THIS WEEK ONLY!! Check it out here: No code necessary! Ends Friday, December 4, 2020 What You Will Learn in This Interview with Laurie Christine King:@lauriechristineking 02:38 – Laurie’s goal for putting out the information that she does 07:30–Why  are hormones important to pay attention to? 10:50 – Why Laurie started creating content and who she started creating content for 13:14–Why weight training? Is it important for women? 20:14 – Authenticity and credibility with coaches on the internet 21:50 –Laurie’s experience with hormonal birth control - How long it took her to get where she’s at today 23:24 – Laurie’s experience with gut health and information about gut testing 27:17 – Laurie’s experience with hormone replacement therapy and what to expect 32:10 – Where Laurie recommends people to start if faced with these types of issues 34:26 – Laurie’s message to those who obsess over fitness 38:26 – What Laurie believes every woman should be educated on 44:09 – The difference between a smart doctor and a good doctor 45:53 – Different types of thyroid tests and when’s the best time to get them as a woman 48:28 – Optimal thyroid ranges to pay attention to 50:41 – Laurie’s recommendation for gut health plan 55:11 – Laurie’s view on birth control for the body 58:54 – Dr. Dom’s experience and story with food and weight training 1:04:23 – Laurie’s current body need: mobility! 1:07:11 – How to find more information about Laurie Items mentioned in this episode include: Paragon Training Instagram: Laurie’s Website: Paragon Training Website: Laurie’s YouTube: Paragon Training YouTube: Laurie’s Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Nutrition, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, & More Learn more about Laurie in the full show notes: --- Send in a voice message:
1 hr 9 min
Listen To Your Body Podcast
Listen To Your Body Podcast
Steph Gaudreau
How To Stop Counting Calories and Start Enjoying Food Again w/ Caitlin Ball
Are you suffering from a food lifestyle hangover? Counting calories and quantifying every little thing that you eat could actually be keeping you from listening to your body. Intuitive Eating is all about a more pleasurable and enjoyable way to eat that will help you start feeling better and enjoy food again. Key Takeaways If You Want To Stop Counting Calories And Start Enjoying Food You Should: * Trust the process of Intuitive Eating and find a system to support you * Focus less on the calories of foods and more on how certain foods make you feel * Be patient with the process and allow yourself grace when navigating which foods are right for you * Lead by example to create a future legacy that is not focused on restrictions and rules The Power of Intuitive Eating Caitlin Ball is a health coach who specializes in Intuitive Eating. After moving to Switzerland, Caitlin saw the astronomical difference between how food is approached in Europe compared to the United States. Once she experienced a transformative glimpse of Intuitive Eating, she knew she couldn't go back and had to share this information with the world. Rejecting Diet Culture Once and for All When working to gain more body awareness, trusting the process and finding a support system is key. As women, we have been told for so long that our worth is based on our appearance, and restricting ourselves and placing rules around food is the only way to achieve the goals society has set for us. Instead of giving into these restrictions, Intuitive Eating supports you so that you can feel great in your body, which is really all that is important. Stop Restricting Yourself and Start Feeling Caitlin realized that rather than counting calories, truly acknowledging how you feel after eating a certain food is a much better indicator of what your body needs. If you allow yourself to listen to your body, you will start making decisions based on what you feel you need next, not focusing on the ‘should’ or ‘should not's' of certain foods. By jumping into the mode of curiosity and observation regarding how food makes you feel, you can start to figure out what is right for your body, right here and right now. Are you ready to leave the calories counting behind and walk away from the strictness and mental time it takes to quantify your food? Share which of Caitlin’s Intuitive Eating tips you are going to implement into your routine in the comments section on the episode page. In This Episode * How a rejection of diet culture has resulted in a totally different relationship to food in parts of Europe (8:08) * Tips for breaking away from the need for control as an avid calorie counter (17:45) * Why relating how you feel towards what you are eating is a much better indicator than calorie counting (19:39) * How to make peace with food if you are worried about what is going to happen when you allow yourself certain foods (22:42) * The role of legacy in the work that you do through children and other young souls (34:01) Quotes “Once I tried out [intuitive eating], and I changed my personal relationship with food and realized I could travel and eat these foods and not eat too much and feel disgusting, and I could enjoy my life and start liking how my body looks without having to cognizantly want to change it, once I realize how much better life was with Intuitive Eating I had to share it!” (16:20) “I knew in my heart that it wasn't working, I knew that there must be another way because I got a glimpse of it from the people around me.” (18:19) “I realized that the calorie-counting wasn't actually doing anything for me, and the much better indicator was eating something, seeing how it made me feel, and then going from there and seeing what food I needed next after that.” (21:30) “You do have to test your patience a little bit, but you will start to notice how these foods make you feel, and you will be able to start listening to your body a lot better and then be able to make changes from there.” (26:53) “There are so many factors to how you feel because of this pandemic and everything that is going on in the world right now that do not have to do with food, so a juice cleanse is not going to solve all of your problems.” (33:08) Links Join the Tune In Membership Here Caitlin Ball Website Quit Dieting For Good Podcast Follow Caitlin on Instagram Join the Listen To Your Body Newsletter Steph Gaudreau Website Check out the full show notes here! Follow Steph on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest I'd really love it if you would take 1 min and leave us a rating and review on iTunes!
40 min
The Ultimate Health Podcast
The Ultimate Health Podcast
Jesse Chappus
381: Dr. Dan Siegel - The Mind Is Broader Than The Brain
Dr. Dan Siegel (IG: @drdansiegel) is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and the founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA. He is also the Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute which focuses on the development of mindsight and teaches insight, empathy, and integration in individuals, families and communities. Dan has published extensively for both professional and lay audiences. He has five New York Times bestselling books. In this episode, we discuss: * How Dan became fascinated with the mind * What is mindsight? * Applying mindsight to medical training * When you shut off your mindsight circuits, you shut off your empathy * The 5 parts to empathy * Active versus passive compassion * What leads to empathy fatigue? * The connection between the mind and the brain * What is interpersonal neurobiology? * The mind is broader than the brain and bigger than the body * The brain in your head is the third brain * Me + We = MWe * The 9 domains of integration aka The Wheel of Awareness * The best predictor of health, happiness & longevity is your relationships * How to live a more integrative life * Building inner resilience Show sponsors: Sunwarrior <== 20% off all Sunwarrior products (free shipping on orders over $50) Organifi <== 20% off all Organifi products Beekeeper's Naturals <== 15% off all Beekeeper's Naturals products (free shipping on orders $60 or more) Paleovalley <== 15% off all Paleovalley products by using the code ultimatehealth at checkout Related links: Dr. Dan Siegel - Aware (book) Dr. Dan Siegel's website Follow Dr. Dan Siegel on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Mindsight Institute Dr. Dan Siegel - Mindsight (book) Dr. Dan Siegel (books) Hippocrates William James (books) David Hubel (books) Edward O. Wilson - Consilience (book) Antonio Damasio (books) Susan Harter - The Construction Of The Self (book) Related episodes: 374: Dr. Jud Brewer – The Craving Mind, Finding Joy In Meditation, Overcoming Addictions 356: Sayer Ji – Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience 321: Neil Pasricha – You Are Awesome, Intentional Living, Becoming Anti-Fragile 296: Dr. Joe Dispenza – Becoming Supernatural, Reprogram Your Mind, Trust Your Intuition 240: Bruce Lipton – The Honeymoon Effect • Conscious Parenting • You Have 2 Minds Note: Some of the links above are affiliate links. Making a purchase through these links won't cost you anything but we will receive a small commission. This is an easy, free way of supporting the podcast. Thank you! How can you support our podcast? 1. Apple users, please subscribe and review our show on Apple Podcasts, we make sure to read them all. Android users, be sure to subscribe to our show on Google Podcasts. Subscribers never miss any of the action ;) 2. Tell a friend about The Ultimate Health Podcast. They will surely thank you later. You can use the envelope button below to email a friend or tell them about TUHP in person. 3. Join TUHP Facebook community (FREE). This is where we all stay in touch and ask questions in between episodes. Join our community. 4. Follow our adventures on our favourite social media platform, Instagram. 5. Download The Ultimate Health Podcast app (FREE). This way you'll have our whole library of episodes right at your fingertips. Download our iOS/Apple app or our Android app. 6. Share using the buttons below. Thank you!
56 min
Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle
Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle
Cristy Code Red Nickel
Your WEIGHT Is Not The Problem
People look at their weight and think that’s the problem. But in reality, your weight is the result of a BIGGER PROBLEM. Your weight is a symptom of the actual problem. You’ll find so many people struggling to lose weight all the time and even regaining it all back. This is because the bioaccumulation of body fat is not the problem; it is a symptom and a result of a bigger problem in your life. The question you need to ask yourself is, what’s going on in your life that is causing the accumulation of excess body fat? From our experience dealing with the thousands of people who come through our programs, some of the bigger problems are sleep deprivation, not drinking enough water, and eating chemically processed crap food. Being overweight is not healthy. It is an indication of bigger problems and means you are not practicing self-care. If you take the time to look at the bigger issues and take care of them, the weight will certainly go off. It is not about the numbers on the scale but about your health and your life. Tune in to this episode to learn how to heal your body and take care of the big problems that are leading to your weight gain. Key Takeaways * Bioaccumulation of fact in your body is a symptom of a bigger problem in your life (02:35) * What is causing you to accumulate excess body fat? (04:05) * How sleep deprivation leads to excess body fat (06:59) * Practicing self-care and placing yourself first to heal your body (13:31) * Being overweight is not healthy; it’s an indicator of bigger issues (17:13) * What is your weight gain a symptom of? (19:54) * How to start healing your body to address the bigger issues (21:30) Additional Resources: * * The "Code Red Revolution" book on Amazon * Get your FREE copy of the On-The-Go Guide for Code Red approved food here: * You can find out more about Cristy and the topic covered in this episode by checking out her website here. * Lies My Doctor Told Me By Ken D. Berry --------------------------------------------- Lose your first, next, or last 10 pounds with absolutely NO pills, powders, shakes, or exercise required. Click here to take the 10-pound takedown challenge! Be sure to grab your copy of my book, The Code Red Revolution here. Connect with Cristy: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn YouTube
29 min
Logical Weight Loss
Logical Weight Loss
Dave Jackson
Understanding Your Metabolism with Lumen
Today I cover a few topics such as Net Carb, Using a Lumen, and What is 75 Tough? -------- WEIGH IN -------- In my last episode I was 229, and after going up after Thanksgiving, I am back to 229 (so I'm the same). I am exercising more, and watching what I eat to I highly expect to be down next episode. ------------------------- Am I Burning Carbs or Fat ------------------------- I've always viewed cards as kindling and fat is the "logs" of a fire. You need the kindling to start the fire, but to really stay warm you need to logs to catch fire. So you need both carbs and fat, but how do you know if you are burning carbs or fat? --------------------------------------- The Lumen Shows You What You're Burning --------------------------------------- I've been using this, and it takes all of five minutes to breath into the device in the morning, and it lets you know how you're doing, and what to do to achieve your goal. It somewhat looks like you are vaping. The device is scientifically proven to be accurate. It's not a toy, and previously this kind of test was only done at a medical facility and now you can do it at home. (right not there is a black Friday sale, and it rarely - if ever- goes on sale. When you adjust your diet to start burning fat more efficiently, you know you're heading it the right direction. For more information see ( ) ---------------------- 75 Tough - What Is it? ---------------------- 75 Tough is a challenge from Andy Frisella where for 75 days you are required to: * Read 10 pages * Follow a diet * Abstain from alcohol or cheat meals * Drink 1 gallon of water (128 ounces) * Take a progress picture * Perform two 45 minute workouts * One workout must be outside. You can also add your own personal items if you'd like. The program is designed to build the mental toughness and self-confidence that you will need to live your best life. When you sign up at ( ) he will attempt to get your to buy his book for $20 (beware on Amazon people are trying to sell you counterfeit versions) and listen to his podcast ( ) (he is a bit of a "brah" for me. Then they want you to download his free app. I can say that so far I have not spent any money (I am going to buy the book) and I'm not receiving a bunch of spam. There is a voice in my head that laughs just thinking about doing this, but there is only way to know if you can do it. If you want to try go to ( ) ----------------------- Become a Logical Loser? ----------------------- If you want more motivation, accountability and/or want to support the show become a Logical Loser for $5/month at ( )
20 min
Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting & Weight Loss Podcast
Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting & Weight Loss Podcast
Chantel Ray
#311 - How To Teach Your Family & Your Kids To Cook REAL FOOD! - with Katie Kimball!
Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode, Chantel got to speak with Katie Kimball, CSME, founder and CEO of Kitchen Stewardship. She is passionate about researching natural remedies and making healthy cooking easier for busy families. As a trusted educator and author of 8 real food cookbooks, she’s been featured on media outlets like ABC, NBC and First for Women magazine and contributes regularly on the FOX Network. Over the last 11 years, Katie has spoken prolifically at conferences, online summits and podcasts and become a trusted authority and advocate for children’s health. Busy moms look to this certified educator for honest, in-depth natural product reviews and thorough research, and she often partners with health experts and medical practitioners to stay on the cutting edge. In 2016 she created the #1 bestselling online kids cooking course, Kids Cook Real Food, helping thousands of families around the world learn to cook. A mom of 4 kids from Michigan, she is also a Certified Stress Mastery Educator, member of the American Institute of Stress and trained speaker through Bo Eason’s Personal Story Power. Connect with Katie: Kick Sugar 30-Day Challenge: Leave us a review: Share YOUR Story: Check out the VIDEO COURSE here: Check out Young Living right here: Zinzino: Check out Beauty Counter right here: CLEAN YOUR HANDS With This INCREDIBLE Non-Toxic Hand Soap: Check out the FASTING RESET SUMMIT HERE: Listen to the new audiobook as a podcast HERE: Purchase on Amazon Here: Free Video Preview: Check out these things I LOVE: Strengthen your immune system with Vitamin C: Protein Powder: & Enjoy refreshing, all-natural wine: Enjoy a FREE smoothie recipe book: Re-energize with nutritious algae Energybits: Castor Oil: Foraineam 1 oz bottles: Bekith 3 oz bottles: Get the audiobook & e-book bundle of Chantel's 2nd edition to Waist Away The Chantel Ray Way at a REDUCED price HERE! Connect with us on Social Media: YouTube Channel Link: Like us on Facebook at Things we love: Facebook group: This podcast is a SIMPRONTO MEDIA production. ***As always, this podcast is not designed to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any condition and is for information purposes only. Please consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your current lifestyle.***
26 min
Half Size Me
Half Size Me
Heather A. Robertson
Why It’s Important To Take Time Out And Write Down Your Feelings | HSM 460
In episode 460 of The Half Size Me™ Show, Heather talks with Debbie about why it’s important to take time out and write down your feelings and why she emotionally eats and how to overcome it how she can learn what is not working for her in two weeks  when you want to start getting into your maintenance calories how she will work on reducing her snacking windows and more! Do you want to get support and connection at a price you can afford? Then check out the Half Size Me Community here: About Half Size Me The Half Size Me™ Show is a weekly podcast. It will inspire and motivate you no matter where you are in your weight loss journey. Whether you're just getting started losing weight or having worked on your health and wellness for years, this show is for you! The Half Size Me Show is hosted by Heather Robertson, who lost 170 pounds over a period of about 5 years. Heather did it by learning new eating habits, getting regular exercise, and changing her mindset. On her popular weekly podcast, The Half Size Me Show, Heather shares her own lessons and struggles with you, and she shows you how to handle the real challenge of any weight loss journey... weight maintenance. Be sure to subscribe to The Half Size Me Show and join Heather every week as she shares information, inspiration, coaching, and conversations with REAL people who've learned weight loss isn't only about losing pounds, it's about finding yourself. Disclaimer: Heather is not a doctor, nurse, or certified health professional. What worked for her or her guests may not work for you. Please talk with your doctor, dietician, or other certified health professionals when seeking advice about your own weight loss or weight maintenance plan. All information included in The Half Size Me™ Podcast and on is for informational and inspirational purposes only. For additional disclaimer information, please visit To contact Heather about the show, please click here to use the contact form.
44 min
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