Krishnamurti on Psychological Evolution
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‘We are asking: is there psychological evolution at all, the 'me' becoming something?’

This week’s podcast has four sections. The first extract (2:12) is from Krishnamurti’s first talk in Saanen 1982, titled ‘We have become like this through evolution’.

The second extract (23:58) is from the first talk in Saanen 1979, titled ‘Psychologically there is no tomorrow’.

The third extract (36:52) is from Krishnamurti’s third talk in Bombay 1983, titled ‘Ending fear now’.

The final extract this week (1:04:12) is from the first talk in Saanen 1984, titled ‘What you are now you will be’.

Each weekly episode in this season of the Krishnamurti podcast is based on a major theme of the philosopher’s talks, such as freedom, self-knowledge, beauty, intelligence and meditation. Extracts from our archives have been carefully selected to represent Krishnamurti’s different approaches to each of these universal and timelessly relevant themes.

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