Krishnamurti on Violence
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This week’s podcast has five sections. The first extract (2:12) is from Krishnamurti’s first discussion at Brockwood Park in 1977, titled ‘What is violence?’

The second extract (8:06) is from the second talk in Bombay 1983, titled ‘Facing the fact of violence’

The third extract (15:14) is from the first question and answer meeting in Saanen 1982, titled ‘Does violence have an opposite?’

The fourth extract (28:48) is from the first talk in San Francisco 1983, titled ‘Ending violence without motive’.

The final extract (49:10) this week is from the first question and answer meeting in Saanen 1981, titled ‘Are you adding to the violence in the world?’

Each weekly episode in this season of the Krishnamurti podcast is based on a major theme of his talks, such as freedom, self-knowledge, authority, beauty and meditation. Extracts from our archives have been carefully selected to represent Krishnamurti’s different approaches to each of these universal and timelessly relevant themes.

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General Knowledge Podcast
General Knowledge Podcast
Lee Maddox
General Knowledge Podcast S3E7 - MSM Social Laughing Stock, Gates Buying Up Farmland, Qld Rail Ups Surveillance
Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 3 Episode 7! The boys are back! We've got our usual panel on this one as both Ethan and Andy join me for this show. * I share my own experience with encountering the Qld Police service while maskless. * We analyse how social media is affecting the MSM with their news posts being hammered with truth comments and comments countering their narrative while the main 'reaction' to their posts seems to be trending towards the HAHA laughing face. Is it because the public can see the emperor is wearing no clothes? * Bill Gates is buying up huge swathes of American farmland even though his buddies in the World Economic Forum are touting we'll 'Own nothing and be happy about it'. The end of Private Property is a part of the technocratic future. Will we be controlled through food? * Ethan talks us through his latest piece on how Queensland Rail is now boasting about new surveillance capabilities. They're of course selling it to us on safety and security. But is there more to it than that? AH...YEAH! * Plus more... Remember the Bonus Content shows are available now to all Patreon supporters for just $5 a month! Instead of donating money to a charity that most likely won't pass on your full donation to whomever needs it, why not sign up as a patron over at our Patreon account for all the bonus content and extra podcasts! PayPal donations can be made me here at to help pay for costs associated with bringing you this show if you don't want any extra bonus content for your support. As always make sure you subscribe and give us a 5 star rating on iTunes with a nice little review to help us out! Please consider sharing on social media to ensure we reach a bigger audience! We're relying on YOU! Links: - Join Today! - Support today! - NSW Premier pleading for the public to get tested. We need CASES!
1 hr 21 min
Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal
Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal
Curt Jaimungal
Thomas Campbell on Ego, Paranormal Psi, and a comprehensive Theory of Everything [Part 1 of 2]
Video version (necessary to see equations): Thomas Campbell is the author of My Big TOE trilogy (MBT) which represents the results and conclusions of his scientific exploration of the nature of existence. This overarching model of reality, mind, and consciousness explains the paranormal as well as the normal, places spirituality within a scientific context, solves a host of scientific paradoxes and provides direction for those wishing to personally experience an expanded awareness of All That Is. Thomas Campbell's WEBSITE: 00:00:00 Introduction00:03:05 How did he come up with his Theory of Everything?00:10:05 There's more to reality than what's operationally defined00:12:27 Evidence involving remote viewing00:20:59 Remote viewing vs Out of body experiences00:24:45 Variables that affect Psi (paranormal) phenomenon00:27:26 Writing the "My Big Theory of Everything" book (My Big TOE)00:34:44 Brief overview of MBT (My Big TOE)00:42:03 Overcoming the non-renormalizability of General Relativity (to merge with Quantum Field Theory)00:46:08 Campbell's model is larger than just unifying the fundamental forces00:47:59 Writing the book for the logical vs. intuitive types00:52:05 Mathematics doesn't explain, but describe00:52:57 But what about Platonism?00:53:40 Eric Weinstein and Stephen Wolfram (briefly mentioned)00:58:16 Explaining the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics01:00:56 Donald Hoffman's views vs. Campbell's vs. The Matrix01:03:33 The intellect vs. the intuitive part of you (which one to let go, if any, and how?)01:10:30 Jung vs. Campbell 01:12:51 Curt's rant against "fear" / "ego" being the problem01:20:18 Jordan Peterson vs. Campbell 01:27:04 Explications on fear01:32:29 Is "your" consciousness separate from "you"?01:34:26 Definitions of AUO and AUM (the foundational consciousness that preceded the universe)01:38:16 Curt objects, mathematically, to the definition of entropy and other claims01:46:05 We live in a "Virtual Reality"01:52:29 What is "you"? What's identity? Are your body or mind?01:56:35 Identity and death. What part of "you" survives after your body?02:01:54 Relationship between consciousness and ego02:05:34 Why follow our "intuition" when it's notoriously inaccurate?02:09:50 Psychedelics are "real bad idea" for personal growth02:20:06 Do psychedelics open the same doors as meditation?02:24:20 The problem with our society is politeness (but how to raise children, if not to be polite?)02:27:41 How can we have morality without an appeal to ego?02:40:33 The place of science in the study of consciousness02:42:12 Out of body experiences (specifics of Campbell's first journey)02:45:27 Helping Curt with Transcendental Meditation02:49:54 Non-dualism vs. Campbell (is truth subjective?)02:58:09 Is the world determined? (asked by: G 007)03:03:05 Why not start with "nothing" rather than consciousness? (asked by: Repair Masculinity)03:07:01 How can you see aura's through photographs? Are they recorded in pixels?03:08:50 Can we query NPMR and find out how to place second quantization / path integrals on rigorous foundations? Patreon for conversations on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, Free Will, and God: support conversations like this via PayPal: Podcasts: * * * Subscribe if you want more conversations on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, Free Will, God, and the mathematics / physics of each. * * * I'm producing an imminent documentary Better Left Unsaid on the topic of "when does the left go too far?" Visit that site if you'd like to contribute to getting the film distributed (early-2021).
3 hr 16 min
Jordan Peterson
Jordan Peterson
Religious Belief and the Enlightenment with Ben Shapiro
Podcast available at Ben Shapiro really needs no introduction, given that he is now one of the most recognized individuals on the American political/journalism scene. In any case, he is an American lawyer, writer, journalist and political commentator. He has written ten books, the latest of which is The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great. It (see Harper Collins Publishers at and at He became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the US at age 17. He’s one of the most recognized current commentator on the new media, YouTube and Podcasts. He serves as editor in chief for the Daily Wire (, which he founded, and is the host of the Ben Shapiro Show, which runs daily on podcast and radio. It can be found, for example, on Soundcloud at --- SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL --- Donations: Merchandise: --- BOOKS --- 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: --- LINKS --- Website: 12 Rules for Life Tour: Blog: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: --- PRODUCTS --- Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Merchandise:
1 hr 10 min
Buddha at the Gas Pump
Buddha at the Gas Pump
Rick Archer
581. David Lorimer
David Lorimer, MA, PGCE, FRSA is a writer, lecturer, poet, and editor who is a Founder of Character Education Scotland, Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network, and former President of Wrekin Trust and the Swedenborg Society. He has also been editor of Paradigm Explorer since 1986 and completed his 100th issue in 2019. He was the instigator of the Beyond the Brain conference series and has co-ordinated the Mystics and Scientists conferences every year since the late 1980s. Originally a merchant banker then a teacher of philosophy and modern languages at Winchester College, he is the author and editor of over a dozen books including Radical Prince: The Practical Vision of the Prince of Wales. His new book of essays, A Quest for Wisdom comes out in March 2021. David is the originator of the Inspiring Purpose Values Poster Programmes, which has reached over 350,000 young people all over the world. David is also Chair of the Galileo Commission which seeks to widen the science of consciousness beyond a materialistic world view. Books: Resonant Mind: Life Review in the Near-Death Experience Radical Prince: The Practical Vision of the Prince of Wales Quest for Wisdom: Inspiring Purpose on the Path of Life Prophet for Our Times: The Life & Teachings of Peter Deunov In this conversation, we discuss whether consciousness fundamental or an epiphenomenon of brain functioning. If it is fundamental (our view), how can this become the accepted paradigm? If it did so, how would this change the world? Topics covered include: Does the brain produce consciousness or do the brain and everything else emerge from consciousness? What does the research say? How do NDEs help answer this question? If consciousness is a fundamental field, is it intelligent – a ‘transcendental universal mind’? How did the scientific assumption that consciousness arises from matter become predominant? How did the Church retard scientific progress? The Galileo Commission – so named because just as Galileo’s critics refused to look through his telescope, modern scientists refuse to look at evidence suggesting that consciousness is fundamental. Scientists are often unaware of the broader assumptions underpinning their work. Historical tension between religious mystics and administrators. If the primacy of consciousness were widely understood and experienced, we would realize our essential oneness. This would transform politics and all other fields of human endeavor. Lacking this knowledge and experience, people, corporations, and politics tend to be ‘excessively individualistic’ - placing self-interest before the good of the whole. This includes short-sightedness, denying or ignoring slow-moving catastrophes such as climate change. Quantum physics undermined materialism a century ago, but other sciences such as biology have maintained it. Mind and matter emerge from a deeper reality – a coherent field that can be accessed through mystical experience. Discussion on the importance of experiential understanding of consciousness in education and opposition from religious fundamentalists. In most cases, paradigm shifts start with a creative minority (5%) and gradually grow to become the norm. Humanity is now too clever to survive without wisdom. Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group. Interview recorded December 19, 2020 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.
1 hr 59 min
Too Much Jordan B Peterson
On the Vital Necessity of Free Speech (are you listening, Saudis) - Too Much Jordan B Peterson Podcast TMJBP 🐸
On the Vital Necessity of Free Speech (are you listening, Saudis) - Too Much Jordan B Peterson Podcast TMJBP 🐸 JORDAN B PETERSON SAUDI ARABIA, JORDAN PETERSON PODCAST SAUDI ARABIA Jordan B Peterson is light on the horizon. He wants his message to be heard. The TOO MUCH JORDAN B PETERSON PODCAST uploads all of his (especially older) YouTube Content to make it available immediately to download or listen to without being "glued to a screen". We make it convenient. We try to put the media back into immediate. IMPORTANT! AMAZON DELETED THE LAST INEXPENSIVE BINDING. IT WAS TOO CHEAP! HERE IS ANOTHER VERSION FOR STUDENTS WITH HOBBES, LOCKE, ROUSSEAU AND THE US CONST. IN ONE BOOK: ||| MACHIAVELLI XXX || ROUSSEAU XXX | Thank You Dearly For ANY Support! And God Bless You.
33 min
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