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The Kandid Shop
Oct 18, 2022
Code-Switching & Other Identity Dilemmas
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On today's episode we’re diving into “code-switching, what it is, why we do it and do we really need to do it anymore?

Joining me for this long overdue discussion are :

Host of the Frazier Chronicles Podcast Mr. David Frazier

Industrial & Organizational  Psychology Practitioner, Founder & CEO of Junuri & Junuri Publishing and, Author of "Sharing My Lens: The College Experience", Dr. Juliette Nelson

Psychologist & Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan, Dr. Myles Durkee

In a poll conducted on my FB group "Kandidly Speaking"  I asked the question:

“How many of you code switch around non- BIPOC people and be honest?”  

Of the respondents;

40% said, I do it daily,

35% said I do it sometimes

15% said, Nope, I talk the same regardless. 

10% said, What the hell is code switching? 

- In 2019, Pew Research found that 48% of college black college graduates in America felt the need to change how they talk around people of other races

So, what exactly is code-switching? Websters defines code-switching as, "the practice of alternating between two or more languages or varieties of language in conversation."

Well my guests each had their own unique, yet similar take on code-switching.

"I would define code switching as, adapting myself depending on the context I'm in, but typically to accommodate someone else's comfort. So to make them feel more comfortable so that they'll either treat me more fairly or not see me through the lens of stereotypes and stigma." -Dr. Myles Durkee

"So code switching. If I had to come up with a terminology for it, it would mean to me basically changing who you really are to meet a demand somewhere else." - David Frazier

"I would say code switch is changing your use of language in a sense, or vernacular to adjust to the environment that you're in. That might often come with the intention of trying to fit in. I think we might find that often happening in places where we don't necessarily identify with other people around us. But it can also occur in times when we want to fit in even the spaces with the people we identify with. " -Dr. Juliette Nelson

Code-switching often goes beyond language adjustments and can include, changing your hair, clothes, behaviors to be more acceptable and/or less threatening to in spaces where you are the minority.

Listen to the full discussion and let me know what your thoughts are on code-switching!



Dr. Juliette Nelson:

Dr. Myles Durkee:

David Frazier:


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"Welcome to The Kandid Shop" Anthony Nelson aka BUSS_TE   Outro Music:  Big Mouth Animated Series: "A Very Special 9/11 Episode" Copyright: Netflix, Amuseio AB (on behalf of Teawa); Wixen Music Publishing, Inc., UMPG Publishing, and 3 Music Rights Societies   Episode Recorded Live on 10/11/2022






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