Have People Crave You Like Chick-fil-A On A Sunday with Samantha Mabe
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This week's guest is Samantha Mabe, a Creative Director and Designer of Lemon and the Sea, empowers service-based business owners to feel confident sharing their expertise and promoting their work through custom designed websites. She loves creating websites with beauty and brains that are designed to convert and give you the power to make edits yourself. She currently lives in Richmond, VA with her husband and one talkative toddler.  I'm so excited to chat with Samantha! You all are truly in for a treat.



In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Showing up confidently and authentic in the marketplace
  • Connecting the dots to your authenticity
  • Letting go of my business looking like everybody else
  • Avoid burnout; call an audible


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Notable Quotes:

[00:04:42] Be more confident in showing up and be confident in showing up in a way that's authentic to who I am and not the way everybody else is doing business online and the way people tell you things have to be done.

[00:07:44] We've seen those big-name people that everybody knows be successful. And so, we try to just replicate that and I think over the past, you know, year and a half things have changed and we're starting to realize that we don't have to do business that way. For so many people, it doesn't work to just do it like everybody else does. So, I've had to do that in my own business, and I had to like get a lot of my clients going out of that mindset of we don't need a website that looks exactly like somebody else. We need something that fits you and your business and that you can just get out there.

[00:08:28] One of the major things that I try to get across to people is that if you don't look like cookie cutter, you actually stand out more and those people that are waiting for you, seeking for you, like Chick-fil-A on a Sunday, they'll actually be able to find you because you stand out.  It's like, once you get a car, nobody had that color car before you and now everybody has it and you’ll walk up to someone else's car in the parking lot at the grocery store thinking it's your car because it blends in. And you don't wanna do that; you wanna stand out.  It is vital to business to stand out.

[00:12:22] You do have to learn how to call an audible and adjust to what works for you. Because doing it like everybody else you're gonna be burnt out and not show up as your best self.

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