How to be Multi-Passionate and Focused
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This season Jateya has committed to speaking to the Multi-passionate Entrepreneur. Many multi-passionates have heard, “Focus, stop being all over the place.”  For the longest, Jateya would suggest there was a method to her madness. But she knew deep down inside, she truly felt all over the place.  Once Jateya begin to connect the dots, she found that she could truly in fact, focus.  Join Jateya in today’s episode and find the three questions she uses to help gain the clarity needed to focus.


In today’s episode, we cover:


  • How survival mode will keep you in a whirlwind of confusion
  • What questions to ask yourself to switch from a survival mindset to thriving
  • The key to go from Idea to Implementation
  • Importance of Journaling


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Notable Quotes:


[00:01:14] There was really no rhyme or reason. Other than I know I'm good at this, I know I enjoy this, and now I need to make money. As I began on my clarity journey, I realize that yeah, I can do it all; not at the same time, but I can do it all. Right?


[00:02:32] Because when it comes to purpose work, for you to really make genuine scalable, sustainable money…you have to go from that survival mindset to thriving. And I know for many of us, survival is normal. Like that's all we know so, it's like go hard or go home, team no sleep; no none of that is healthy.

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