How to Do It All: When you love your 9 to 5 and 5 to 9 with Sandy Pharaon
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This episode Jateya is joined by Sandy Pharaon, Speaker & Certified Health Coach. Sandy’s proven four step method called P.A.C.E. has inspires career-driven women to achieve harmony and healing in their homes, workplaces, and faith.  Join Jateya and her guest Sandy Pharaon as they discuss “How to Do It All.”


In today’s episode, we cover:


  • The keys to balancing the 9 to 5 and 5 to 9
  • How to PACE yourself
  • Get clear on the numbers
  • Healing and Unlearning Simultaneously




Connect with Sandy:


Connect with Jateya:


Notable Quotes:


[00:004:34] There are others who are still wanting to manifest what they see and want to stay at the 9 to 5. And there's a lot of shame or internal struggles and battles that go along with which side of the fence you're on. But also, with that, there's a lack of Wellness, fitness, mental health. You’re grinding. You're tired. You're like all the things. You're overwhelmed, stressed, you're not eating right, because you gotta get something quick.  So there's so much that goes into, one being multi passionate, and two trying to make the transition from the nine to five to full-time entrepreneurship and or doing all things.


[00:008:50] I also came to this truth, that corporate America is gonna do what corporate America wants to do. PERIOD! They set their goals. They're gonna set their objectives and lowkey it’s ghetto because it's like you don't ask nobody. Can I just get a consult? Can I just get a hey, what do you think about? No, they don't even do it.

So that's really what brought me to a place of starting my own business to help career driven women like myself. And like many others that I've been helping along the path to achieve harmony and healing both at home, at work and in faith through a method I call PACE.


[00:9:32] But a lot of women just don't prioritize their health and Wellness. They just don't. I'm guilty of it, right? Because, like, I just shared, it was about work. It was about the hustle. It was about getting things done. It was about, you know, seeing the vision of getting to the top and thinking, I have to work my way up there. Which, I learned the hard way that's not true.


[00:010:00] I’ve noticed, when people find their purpose, when they find out what their superhero power is or that common thread and what they do, wellness is the first thing to go. It's like I finally made it, but you ain't finally made it nowhere. Like it's literally just the beginning, right? And so, the grind starts all over again, and it doesn't feel like the grind because it's fulfilling; its filling your cup, and we don't realize that. Me included, like you just you put it off 'cause it's like OK i'm gonna finish this one thing and by the time you finish that one thing you’re like OK let me go to sleep.


Sandy’s Bio:

Sandy Pharaon, is a Speaker & Certified Health Coach with over 15 years of leadership experience in the workplace. She founded Abundant Wellness LLC, to create a community for career-driven women to achieve harmony and healing in their homes, workplaces, and faith through a proven four step method called P.A.C.E. With her experience working in management consulting, IT audit, and as an IT Financial Systems manager for a Fortune 500 company, Sandy’s passion lies in being a wellness advocate who encourages women to prevent burnout and feeling overworked to prioritize their health and well-being in a world where 24 hours never seems to be enough.

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