Disrupting Burnout while Pursuing Passion with Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson
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This episode Jateya is joined by Dr. Jackson, fondly known as Dr. PBJ, the founder of EduCare Training and Consulting, LLC where she equips and supports "heart-workers"; those who do their work from a place of passion. Join Jateya and her guest Dr. PBJ as they discuss “Disrupting Burnout while Pursuing Passion.”


In today’s episode, we cover:


  • How to Disrupt Burnout
  • Why we Need Powerful Community
  • You have a Choice in the Transition



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Notable Quotes:


[00:8:45] For the first time in memory I chose me. I spent the next five months with no job. Somebody here me…No job, no income. But it was the most valuable time because I had time to figure out, “how in the world did I get here? How did I find myself in this place? And most of all, how do I dig myself out of it?” And that's what I'm here to share.


[00:0011:30] I know for me and that transition in 2019, I was escaping. Like I literally hit rock bottom. You don't have to get to the point that you have to escape. You can plan a transition. I know we're talking to multiple passionate people. When you break out of that mindset of, “this is all I can do” and you understand all of the ways that you can express the purpose that you're called to, then you can make a plan to transition yourself. So you don't have to escape. I eventually went back to higher education and I worked a little, but longer my most recent transition into full-time entrepreneurship was a planned transition I wasn't escaping I was transitioning.


[00:013:00] You don't have to escape. You don't have to get to rock bottom. You are not stuck. I was convinced I was trapped and I was stuck. There's nothing I can do. But once you open up to understand, I call it discovering your brilliance. Once you discover your brilliance and you know what you're called to do and you realize you can do it in a lot of different ways, the whole world opens up. Then you can see clearly and you can make a plan. Rather that transition is 6 months, one year, five years, whatever it is for you, I just wanna say we escaped because we had to, but you don't have to!

[00:16:13] Many times we choose our community out of convenience, so our family members, our physical neighbors, our colleagues, the people that we're just in their lives because of convenience. And that doesn't mean you don't love them or honor them. Not in a disrespectful way. But they are your community because they're already connected to you. In one way or another, but sometimes our convenient community can't understand what God is calling us to do.


You need powerful community. You need community that you have to invest to get in; that you have to apply to get in. You need community that pushes you beyond where you are. Your convenience level and that will pull you forward into what you're called to do. That's where you're gonna get those comments of, “Oh yeah, you're supposed to be doing that…Why are you playing?” That's where you're gonna get those questions that challenge your mental box.


Your convenient community will always keep you comfortable, because they they're comfortable. They don't understand the stretch. They don't. It doesn't make logical sense to them. But your powerful community will always call you up. They will, challenge those mental boxes. There's a certain box that you are taught to stay in.



Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson Biography:


Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson, known in her community as Dr. PBJ, is an educator of almost 25 years and an Executive Coach for more than 10 years. She holds a doctoral degree in Education Administration, served in executive leadership at colleges and universities, and facilitates leadership training as a faculty member for the Center for Creative Leadership.  Dr. Jackson has worked in higher education at many levels, from student assistant to President’s Cabinet and is the recipient of several professional awards and accolades.  Dr. Jackson says “I am grateful for my journey, but achieving my professional goals almost cost me everything”.


Dr. Jackson founded EduCare Training and Consulting, LLC out of a purpose for equipping and supporting "heart-workers"; those who do their work from a place of passion. Working in this way can carry a high price tag:  your mind, body, spirit and relationships may be in distress as you serve the needs of others.  Dr. Jackson leads her community to serve well without paying an ultimate price.


Currently, Dr. PBJ serves as creator and host of the Heart Work with PBJ podcast as well as the founder and facilitator of the Heart Work Academy.


Follow Dr. PBJ on Instagram @drpatricebucknerjackson for #aspoonfulofpbj every Monday to encourage your soul.  Subscribe to the Heart Work with PBJ podcast for a new episode every Wednesday.

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