Believe Like A Boss with Brittany Sherell
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This week's guest is Miss Big Business herself - Brittany Sherell! I'm so super excited to have her and you guys are really truly in for a treat. Brittany is a competent, fun, and engaging corporate speaker, and consultant. She has spoken internationally to hundreds of organizational leaders and students and coached dozens of women leaders to achieve breakthroughs in their professional and personal life.


Brittany is the founder of Elam & Co, a global training and personal development brand where she currently works with high-achieving professionals and purpose-driven women entrepreneurs as an executive coach and corporate trainer. She's committed to teaching others how to build the mindset, strategy and straight audacity to pursue their big goals so that they can create income and impact on their terms. Brittany believes that there should be a safe space for leaders to be honest about their needs, blind spots and areas of uncertainty, then gain strategy, and accountability to execute ideas.


In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Believing like a boss is not about not making mistakes
  • Your voice has value - your simple is their significant
  • Start with what you have and where you are
  • Look at the big picture, make decisions as a big business
  • Purpose does not equate poverty; you're supposed to prosper in purpose
  • Allow yourself to fall into it

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Notable Quotes:

[00:09:20] Understanding that there is no work around to avoid mistakes and that's actually going to be a huge piece of your secret sauce, is being willing to share those moments and allow the people you’re called to serve to journey with you.

[00:12:24] It doesn't matter how mundane you may think your life is, your simple is someone else’s significant. And so, when you honor that, you will begin to really realize the magnitude of your voice and how much power it carries and how much transformation you can create throughout the world

[00:15:58] Give yourself grace to grow, start where you are, start with what you have and start with who you have. Because the fact that you carry the vision already communicates that you have what you need.

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