How to Buy Back Time in Business
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Would you consider yourself a perfectionist? Most entrepreneurs try to prioritize EVERYTHING! We want everything to be executed perfectly and in order, yet we often fail to find the balance between quality and perfectionism. 


When we spend hours trying to make one thing perfect, we lose out on time that could be better spent building or creating other things in our business. There is power in focusing and prioritizing, and once we find clarity and get super focused on our goals, we’ll be able to identify what’s MOST important in our business and let the rest go.


This week on the Confident And Courageous Clarity Podcast, we’re learning how to ditch perfectionism by using automations and buy back our time with Devin Lee!


Devin Lee is an Entrepreneur, Certified Online Business Manager and Certified Dubsado Specialist. Building businesses since the age of 27, Devin is a self-proclaimed “fun big sis for your biz”. She specializes in helping clients reclaim their time and energy by perfecting and automating the client journey.


Unofficially, she is the high-energy hype woman who’ll bring a calm oasis to your business. When she isn’t creating exceptional client experiences, you can find her studying the Enneagram, roller skating, and chasing the sun.


Let’s Dive In For Clarity:


05:00 - An Entrepreneurs Business Journey

11:00 - Lessons From Past Clients

16:00 - What To Look For In An OBM

20:00 - What A VIP Day Looks Like

25:25 - Accept Your Energy Cycles

31:00 - Believe It To Achieve It

35:15 - Blind Confidence Works

40:40 - Be Your Authentic Self


Buy Back Your Time Takeaways


  • “You’re usually ready for an OBM when you’re close to earning six figures.” - Devin Lee
  • “Everything changed when I discovered Dubsado.” - Devin Lee
  • “What’s actually important in your business is where you put your energy. The rest you’ve got to let it go.” - Devin Lee
  • “I have times throughout the day when I’m making magic movements.” - Devin Lee 
  • “I’m a night owl. Normally when my friends are waking up, I’m going to sleep.” - Jateya Jones
  • “To be an entrepreneur, you just have to throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks.” - Devin Lee
  • “I’m very different from a lot of people and that’s okay because it’s my superpower.” - Jateya Jones
  • “Do ALL of the things if you can, until ALL of the things get in the way of Purpose.” - Jateya Jones  
  • “The things that seem impossible for us, other people do them all of the time.” - Devin Lee
  • “The only thing that's left is you and your confidence.” - Jateya Jones

The ABC’s To Clarity Questions


  • What is something that you’ve had to accept about your past, present, and/or future that freed you to reach infinite heights in your business?

“For me, it was accepting what my energy cycles are. My primetime is from 5am - 11am and this is when I can GET STUFF Done. From 11am-3pm, I am completely useless.” 


  • What is one thing you have to believe to achieve?

“I had to believe that if I took big leaps of faith, I would figure it out.”


  • What has embracing all aspects of you contributed to your success or confidence?

“During 2020, I got really into roller-skating.”

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