Episode 022: Create the Life and Business you Desire with Candice Denise Owens
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This episode Jateya is joined by Candice Denise Owens, Wellness Influencer, Creative Director & Speaker. Candice has always been a visionary; it’s what fueled her 10+ year career in the event planning industry. But as her interest and passion for wellness and advocacy grew, Candice knew that she could do more with her logistics skills, project management, and creativity.  Join Jateya and her guest Candice Denise Owens as they discuss how to “Create the Life and Business you Desire.”


In today’s episode, we cover:


  • How to know when it’s time to pivot
  • How to have it all
  • Why Self-care should be a daily practice
  • Big Brand Mindset




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Notable Quotes:


[00:006:51] How did you know? I just had a feeling….it just was a feeling. And most of the time, you know. We know ourselves and we know when something feels aligned when it comes to things that we do and things that don't feel aligned. So for me, I was feeling like personally I was going in a certain direction in my life. I became an advocate for my own well-being. That was something that was vital for me as I start seeing the power and the benefit of becoming your own advocate.  'Cause a lot of times we're in a position where we advocate for others; in our jobs and our in our personal lives. We're always advocating for others. But how often are we really saying, “I’m going to be an advocate for myself and for my own well-being?” Not just my wellness, but my well-being. Because wellness is just a part of your being, your human being.


[00:013:46] I was at a stage where I was giving from an empty cup and I would give more to others than I would give to myself. And so, it really became this reciprocal thing, where as much as I was pouring, I was being poured back into. It helped me realign and really acknowledge that, yeah you're doing it for you, but you're doing it for them too. And if you don't do for you, you can't do for them.


[00:020:28] I had to start and just creating, I realized like when it feels true to me, it doesn't feel like work. It really does feel very enjoyable and I need it to be something that I enjoy. I've done the thing where I've worked and I wasn't fulfilled. So I'm not going to go in business for myself and create something that doesn't align for me. And so we have to be able to be comfortable with being uncomfortable with knowing that. Your business now is not gonna look like it will look in five years.


[00:025:21] You know how Chick-fil-A even has the standard menu and then they have the seasonal menu. They change things out. You know they have standard salads, but then like there was this lemon kale salad that they were selling that I really loved. But then it was gone and it was only there for like a month or two, right? Same thing with milkshakes. They'll have the standard right and then they have the Peach and then the peppermint.


I said, well, if they can do that, why am I not allowed to do that? And no one questions it. No one questions that today the Peppermint shake was there. They're selling all the other shakes too, but they decided to toss this one in there. And as a matter of fact, we're gonna toss in this type of salad too. And then maybe in two months, or whatever have you, just like that, they're gone. Why can’t I?


Candice’s Bio:

Candice is a Wellness Influencer, Creative Director & Speaker. She has always been a visionary- it’s what fueled Candice and her 10+ years career in the event planning industry. But as her interest and passion for wellness and advocacy grew, Candice knew that she could do more with her logistics skills, project management, and creativity.


Candice’s desire to inspire others, eventually led her to create CD Creative Loft and now she works with highly ambitious & goal-driven women to prioritize and maintain a lifestyle centered around their well-being. Candice’s goal is to help women take care of themselves because her philosophy is, “What you appreciate…appreciates.”


Candice is an avid believer that wellness comes from within, and that we all deserve to feel at home in our bodies, minds, and spirits. As the narrative around the importance of self-care has shifted, Candice realized that more and more career driven women need help discovering how to foster work life {harmony} in their lives. This revelation pushed her to explore affecting change on a larger scale, and now she works with both individuals, organizations, and companies to educate as many women leaders, Founders & CEOs, as she can. Currently based in Maryland, Candice is a proud alumna of Johnson C. Smith University and member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.

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