KISS Money Mindset with Stacey Hampton
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This week's guest is Stacey Hampton, a licensed personal finance coach. As a coach she provides knowledge, strategic plan, and is available as an accountability partner to her clients. She uniquely combines her background in mental health, social work, and her financial expertise to address the money concerns of her clients. Stacy’s mission is to provide the financial literacy and access to products and services that will help every person build a strong financial house.  I'm so excited to chat with Stacey! You all are truly in for a treat.



In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Banks Aren’t Made for Money Growth
  • KISS (Keep It Sensible & Simple)
  • Securing your Legacy
  • Money Mindset


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Notable Quotes:

[00:03:49] My clinical social work skills would come to the arise. It would do that because, many people or held back by their beliefs about money. Their held back by some experience that they had. Then also, there is a true connection between your money and your mental health.

[00:05:00] When I would talk to my colleagues about, you know their influx of cliental, request or referrals, a lot of those were referrals not only dealt with the obvious things around Covid, such as, you know, illness and possibly grief and death.  But it also dealt with the grief and loss that came with losing jobs, losing income, losing the ability to work due to the illness. So people can't really separate their money from their mind; it really consumes them.

[00:33:00] Now you have to analyze, “Do I have my money working in the best places?” The banks are not the place to live out your dreams. They're stealing our dreams. Only because they're not gonna offer you the interest rate that's going to grow your money so that you can accomplish those dreams.

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