Episode 013: I’m Called for More, But…
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This week's guest Arika Davenport, author, speaker, and founder of She Pursues Purpose, leads women of faith into discovering & walking in their purpose. As a Purpose Coach, Arika helps women of faith to identify and monetize their God given gifts, so that they can build profitable businesses that’s connected to their calling. Arika has helped women across the globe to find meaning in their lives through entrepreneurship. She Pursues Purpose offers a variety of resources that brings inspiration, education & transformation to every purpose driven woman.

  I'm so excited to chat with Arika! You all are truly in for a treat.


In today’s episode, we cover:

  • God’s Reputation…Call his bluff
  • Relinquishing Control
  • Missteps and Best Steps
  • Paychecks to Purpose

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Notable Quotes:

[00:06:02] I knew there was more for me. I knew that despite you know my accomplishments, that God still had more for me. For a while I had lost my identity in my role as a mom, as a wife, and as somebody else is employee.  So once I went on the personal journey I was like, hey, you know I can do more than take care of kids. I do that well, right, but I know that I'm called to serve, I know that I'm called to do more. That's what really got me on that on that journey. And then when COVID hit, it's just like, why not take a chance, you know? Why not see? I gotta degree; if all else fails I can go get another job, but I want to pursue my purpose and just go after the more, that I know is out there for me.

[00:012:49] I just started looking at God. Like I love you. I trust you. I feel like I'm called to do this for you. So I'ma put it on you. Now I'm gonna take this leap, I'ma try it and then you just you gotta lead me. But I believe when we step out on faith and we try God this is how we put his faithfulness on display. You know this is how we demonstrate our faith in our works. We know faith without works is dead right? And so I was just like, well God got his own reputation to protect; like he good at it. So that was the connection. It was a process, but those that's how I began to really connect from my start to where I am right now.

[00:017:55] There's so many things that you feel like, “if I don't do this, it just don't get done.” We have to just accept the fact that everything isn't going to get done, but focus on the very important things because there's always going to be stuff to do. There's always going to be, you know, responsibilities for us to feel, and there's always going to be things to pull us away from our purpose and to pull us away from our calling. So you really have to relinquish control and become unapologetic. You have to really just be relentless in your pursuit if this is something you want; if this is something you know you've been called to do. I mean some stuff just gotta go!


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