Episode 031: It’s Not the Dream that Scares You
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This episode Jateya shares her ah-ha moment of realizing “It's Not the Dream that Scares You.” Have pen and paper ready to take notes. Join Jateya as she shares her experience as a lighthouse of thought for you as you navigate your BIG dreams.


In today’s episode, we cover:


  • Memorized by the Possibilities of YOU
  • The Power of Journaling
  • Facts vs Feelings


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It’s Not the Dream that Scares You Takeaways:
  • “I’m going to be committed and disciplined to make my dreams come true.” - Jateya Jones
  • “It’s not the vision or my dreams that scare me, it’s me.” - Jateya Jones
  • “I literally have the ability to change the world.” - Jateya Jones 
  • “Clarity is in the doing. The more you do, the better at it you get.” - Jateya Jones
  • “Change is uncomfortable.” - Jateya Jones
  • “We're always looking at how far we have left to go, we don’t look at how far we’ve actually made it.” - Jateya Jones
  • “Celebrate your wins.” - Jateya Jones 
  • “You’re currently living a dream.” - Jateya Jones
  • “There’s no TEST-imony without the TEST.” - Jateya Jones 
  • “Don’t allow yourself to be defeated before you even try.” - Jateya Jones


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Notable Quotes:


[00:002:40] I understand what it's like to have such massive, huge world changing ideas. To the point where you're afraid to even begin to execute, or even allow yourself to think that it's possible for you. Well, I’m here to tell you it's not a pipe dream; it's your assignment. And it's time to get to it!


[00:004:15] I really thought that it was the vision in the dream that scared the holy bejesus out of me. But after brain dumping and journaling….which you guys know I'm a big advocate for….And reading my old journal entries, I realized that it's not the vision. It's not my dreams that scare me. It's me.

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