Episode 025: Clarity is NOT a Crutch for Confusion
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This episode Jateya is discusses the negative effects of using clarity as a crutch for confusion.  Most importantly, she discusses how to make the first step towards getting off the hamster wheel and starting up the ladder towards your dreams!  Have pen and paper ready to take notes. Join Jateya as she discusses why Clarity is NOT a Crutch for Confusion.


In today’s episode, we cover:


  • How to effectively approach your clarity journey
  • Community outside your area code or zip code
  • Daily world changing actions
  • You are already equipped


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Notable Quotes:


[00:03:19] Shout out to Trina.  Once she told me, “Clarity is NOT a crutch for confusion.  I was like 🤯 [Mind blown emoji] you’re right. And that's how so many of us use it. We're like, OK, I'm confused again. Let me get a call with you? Can I talk to you? HELP!!!


[00:04:14] By the time we need clarity again, we’re like deep in it and we NEED help. Whereas if we continuously stay in community, we’ll know we're not alone. It doesn't take away the feeling, but at least it's not as discouraging or debilitating. If we stay in clarity, then we're not a year or two years later in the same space. We're doing things to continuously do better, be better, and make our dreams come true until they're actualized.


[00:05:10] As Multi-passionates and visionaries, the dream is massive. And just knowing and seeing it can be debilitating in itself. And that's why we can't treat clarity like a crutch.

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