The Blueprint with Bree Carroll
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This season Jateya has committed to speaking to the Multi-passionate Entrepreneur. From an early age many multi-passionates are coerce, dare I say forced, to choose one way of making an income.  We have all heard that dreaded question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  


Therefore, we struggled to embrace all of our passions (what felt right). All while feeling as though we are suffocating due to forcing ourselves to choose just one.  We should never have to commit to one way of making money! Join Jateya and her guest Bree Carroll as they discuss creating “The Blueprint” that’s specific to you.


In today’s episode, we cover:


  • Design a life full of experiences
  • Creating the Blueprint
  • Lean into all parts of you
  • Who gone check you boo
  • Importance of Journaling


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Notable Quotes:


[00:016:54] Yes, I want to be a devoted wife and good mom and a millionaire. There's nothing wrong with it. People make it seem like you have like you have to choose. No, I'm gonna be both and you’re gonna watch me do it!


[00:034:54] We aren’t planning for pretty. I subscribe to purposeful planning. How is this moving the needle for you personally? How was it moving the needle for the people who are experiencing it? So thinking about that present experience is really big.


[00:040:26] One of the things that I have to accept is that everybody isn’t going with me. A lot of people in our military community, their mindset are they settle. The military life happens to them not for them.  Which I feel like it happens for me. All things work together for my good. And I feel like as much as I would love to bring people from my childhood, from my military community, from my college experiences, everybody is not coming with me.  Because when I start talking about I want to make millions because I know then I can have $1,000,000 impact…That doesn't sit well with the average person.  So I had to accept that even family, they're not gonna go along with me. Look, I married a whole pilot. You best believe I'm trying to get the jet. I'm trying to gas up the jet. I got stuck in Mexico just for client work. The first thing I said on the phone to my husband, as I was sitting there looking at all these flights canceling and delays, I was like, “So you know, I really need you to just gas up the jet and come get me.” That is the level that I am thinking on and everybody cannot come with me 'cause they're not going to agree, affirm, and support that mindset.

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