Episode 020: Be Free to Be with Lindsay Raé Perry
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This episode Jateya is joined by Lindsay Raé Perry, Founder and CEO of LRP Agency.  Lindsay is a multi-passionate that successfully identified her gift and loves using it to empower women entrepreneurs to leave toxic “hustle” culture to manifest a purpose driven life and business.  Join Jateya and her guest Lindsay Raé Perry as they discuss how to “Be Free to Be.”


In today’s episode, we cover:


  • Blessings of the Shedding Season
  • Course correcting to break inherited shackles
  • Positioning for your next
  • The value of relationships in life and business




Connect with Lindsay:


Connect with Jateya:



Notable Quotes:


[00:008:01] I knew what I did not want, but when you know what you don't want, without creating a vision, you will perish. Because your vision is what you don't want. I don't wanna be like all the people in my family who worked, worked, worked, worked, and worked themselves to death. Well what do you want to be like? Because if you don't know what you actually do want, you will run into exactly what you don't want.


[00:021:33] Guess what? The moment that I modeled the behavior, there is somebody that is gonna see the light. And they're gonna be like, “Girl I'm ready. What you got for me? Show me. I'll do whatever. Because I am so tired of being sick and tired. I'm so tired of being in this system that I am willing to do whatever it takes to get free.


[00:023:21] You need to be free. You need to be free to be. In order for other people to be able to come behind on this already cleared path to do what they're supposed to do. Like that is part of your purpose; making this way for others.


[00:052:25] Being genuine and giving without the expectation of immediately receiving or receiving at all, has been one of the major things that has opened doors to meeting people that know more than I know and who help without looking for payment.


Lindsay’s Bio:

Lindsay Rae Perry best known as “The Queen Maker” is the Award-Winning CEO of LRP Agency, Equity Advocate, Mentor, and Visionary.  She uses her proven strategic method the “iAM Quotient™” to empower an ecosystem of women entrepreneurs to leave toxic “hustle” culture by identifying, aligning, and manifesting a purpose driven life and business. With well over a decade of strategic consulting and channel marketing experience. Lindsay has partnered with and provided strategic consulting for global brands such as Porsche, AT&T, Google, HubSpot and many others to name a few.


Lindsay has also contributed thought-leading commentary for local, national, and international media markets such as Good Morning Washington, TRT Global, and Sirius XM, to name a few. Far too familiar with the oppressive effects of being a black woman in corporate America, Lindsay is a Pioneer in helping marginalized women entrepreneurs build sustainable lives, and businesses without compromise, through mindset coaching, business strategy coaching, and cloud-based launch support and services.


Her “God First” philosophy and strategic expertise has grown her company, LRP Agency from zero to six-figures in its first year.  Her vision for LRP Agency is to be a conduit of equitable capital investment, transformational consulting and mentorship for women business around the world. Though Lindsay loves being called a CEO, her favorite calling is being a wife and mother to her husband Sidney and their toddler son “Sunny”. Her motto is coined by the late Maya Angelou “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

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