Overcoming Debilitating Doubt
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This episode Jateya shares her tactics for “Overcoming Debilitating Doubt.”  Most importantly, she provides questions to ask yourself to reduce the anxiety.  Have pen and paper ready to take notes. Join Jateya as she discusses reasons behind and ways to overcome debilitating doubt.


In today’s episode, we cover:


  • Symptoms of Debilitating Doubt
  • Ways to talk yourself off the ledge
  • Facts vs Feelings
  • How to increase confidence


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Notable Quotes:


[00:003:51] I literally had to talk myself off the ledge. 'Cause it comes out of nowhere…Or so we think. Normally for me, it's when a deadline is coming and I’ve put this thing off because it takes the most time, the most attention, and the most brainpower.


[00:004:12] So normally I'm like, let me do this email and this thing on my to-do-list because they're easy, they're quick and they're in a safe or non-judgmental space; i.e. nobody is really going to have to waste their money or waste their time. It won't be a detriment to anybody else if I do this thing. But if I work on this big thing; the thing that's gonna catapult me into my dreams, into living the life of my dreams, into making it to that next level, into solving someone’ problem….there's a small chance that somebody may not like it. Nobody's gonna buy it. The thing is, I’m just having an internal battle between my heart and my head.


[00:006:36] Today I came to share with you. What I have found to be the reasons behind and the ways to overcome. Because I refuse to let that stop me. From one, helping you, helping myself and changing this world for the better, I refuse to be the reason that I stand in my own way. Because I stood in my own way for so long and I was tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Standing in your own weigh only leaves you standing in the same spot year after year after year.

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