Episode 023: It’s Time to Prosper in Purpose
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This episode Jateya is shares lessons learned regarding charging and pricing.  Most importantly, she discusses overcoming the biggest hurdle for beginner entrepreneurs.  Have pen and paper ready to take notes. Join Jateya as she discusses prospering in purpose.


In today’s episode, we cover:


  • Poverty and Purpose don’t go together
  • The reality of not asking for what you want
  • Do we really have the same 24 hours as Beyonce?
  • You are already equipped


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Notable Quotes:


[00:00:51] You're out here struggling because you're not charging people and or charging enough because you're counting their pockets. They actually might have enough money out here in these good old streets. To pay you, but instead you are out here counting their money for them, accepting in pennies. And now that you see them on the gram buying new Gucci shoes and Jet setting and you’re at home barely can afford to go down the street.


[00:01:34] Poverty and purpose don’t go together. They don't. You're supposed to prosper in purpose.


[00:07:58] I want you to really sit with your gut, trust your gut, trust yourself again. Know that you've been doing this for a lifetime.


[00:013:05] It should be mutually beneficial. That's my definition for networking, and that's my definition for life, relationships, and business. Mutually beneficial. What I charge for my services, should give you what you need plus some. But I charge what I charge because I know that you're going to get what you need plus.

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