Episode 039: Are Multipassionates Born or Made?
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Multipassionates are those who have a multitude of different interests, passions, and skills without a clear idea of how they interconnect. They are high achievers, problem solvers, solution-focused, and we love to learn. When a problem presents itself, we go into problem solving mode and aim to find solutions. 


As a fellow Multipassionate, it’s easy to assume that we were born this way, but in this week’s episode of The Confident And Courageous Clarity Podcast, we’re discussing why Multipassionates are not born, they’re made. 

Let’s Dive In For Clarity:


1:50 - Multi-Passionates Are Made

6:00 - Chase Purpose, Not Money

9:00 - Prosper In Purpose

12:00 - Get Back To Thriving

15:00 - Get In Community


Are Multipassionates Born or Made Takeaways


  • “Multi-Passionates are not born, they’re made.” - Jateya Jones
  • “I was born with Purpose.” - Jateya Jones
  • “Our family and friends love out of a place of safety or fear.” - Jateya Jones 
  • “We never lose our Purpose, we just lose sight of our Purpose.” - Jateya Jones 
  • “As Multi-Passionates, we get to a point where money isn’t enough and or there’s not enough money.” - Jateya Jones
  • “Thriving is growing and developing in a healthy or favorable environment.” - Jateya Jones
  • “People don’t buy desperation, people buy results.” - Jateya Jones
  • “What you do is what you naturally do.” - Jateya Jones
  • “You were born on Purpose, for Purpose, and that Purpose lies in you.” - Jateya Jones
  • “You don’t know what you don’t know, but when you’re in community, we’ll make sure that you know what you need to know.” - Jateya Jones




This episode is brought to you by The Clarity Community!

Community is essential to success and having a circle of like-minded individuals creates a safe space to share, ask for help, and empower you to prosper. We would like to extend an invitation for you to join us in the Clarity Community, our FREE Facebook group for multipassions looking to gain support and accountability, while growing their knowledge, network, and synergy. To join our online family and prosper in your purpose, visit the link: https://www.jateyajones.com/community

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