Episode 008: Max Capacity with Nicole Rhone
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This week's guest is Nicole Rhone, The Capacity Coach. Nicole’s the host of the Flow and Flourish Podcast, and a Transformational Speaker who helps high-performing women increase their capacity for sustainable success, by creating balance between their personal and professional lives.


This wife and mother of two has steadily and successfully climbed the corporate ladder by supporting thousands of employees globally, so she knows what it’s like to wear many hats and juggle competing priorities!


As a human resources leader for over a decade, she has coached and trained managerial staff, including C-Suite and executive level employees, at billion dollar, fortune 500 companies, and has helped them to build leadership capabilities and cultivate thriving company cultures. Because of her 10+ years of corporate HR experience, Nicole understands the unique challenges of busy, high performing women and how a lack of fluidity between the worlds of home and work can create a barrier between them and their next level.


Her mantra is “when you flow effortlessly, you flourish tremendously”.  I'm so excited to chat with Nicole! You all are truly in for a treat.


In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Connecting the dots: Creating flow for work life balance
  • What is Capacity
  • Importance of Unlearning

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Notable Quotes:

[00:04:50] We have a certain amount of time and energy that we can pour into these different things and if we're not actively being aware of what's on our plates then we're gonna hit max capacity and all those balls that were keeping up in the air, one of them if not multiple are gonna hit the ground.  So I’m trying to really do the preventative work from dropping those balls to help us be able to flow and flourish and show up in excellence no matter what room we’re in.


[00:8:44] So often, not only are we carrying on those past traditions and not asking any questions we're not even open to figuring out how to do things in a different way and everything that got you to the point that you're in, in your life today, is not gonna take you to where it is that you're trying to go.  That's the whole point of evolution, right? Like in your relationships, in your faith, in your finances, in your work. Like you get promoted and then you can't do what you did six months ago to get promoted to a new level.


[00:13:43] It's not that people don't have capacity. What are you filling it up with? What are you spending your time on? Who are you spending your time with? Like are you spending five hours on candy crush?

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